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Prep 20 mins
Cook 20 mins

There is something special about Jewish cooking for Jewish people. The extremely high quality of the kosher ingredients combined with the deliciously unique flavours inherent in this hearty, wholesome food, is so delightfully unlike fancy sauces of French and Italian fare, that the Jewish diner feels at home. I am fortunate to have inherited a book by Pauline Frankel, (from my mother, GRHS) called simply "The Jewish Cookbook". My mother loved this little book, because of its simplicity. While I do not profess to know much about Jewish/Kosher cooking, I happily defer to Pauline Frankel's book, again, because of its simplicity. (Jews and Gentiles alike know about Latkes.... but do you know about "Latkes with Chutzpah"?) It has been pointed out to me recently that this recipe is by no means one of Kosher value, because the inclusion of "Chicken Fat", a meat product, and "served with sour cream". The combination of meat product and dairy product is not Kosher. Thank you all who were interested enough to point this out.... Changes have been made; you may now enjoy... No questions, please, remember, I am a gentle Gentile.

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  1. Beat the eggs and additional yolk.
  2. To the beaten eggs, add remaining ingredients, except chicken fat.
  3. Shred the potatoes, just before adding them; it will look very peculiar.
  4. Season well.
  5. Heat the fat in a large heavy skillet over medium-high heat (or use an electric frying pan set at 400 degrees).
  6. Using a large spoon, drop the potato mixture into the hot fat, creating mounds approximately 3 inches in diameter; flatten with the "turner" Occasionally, press the latke into the fat so that it will brown evenly.
  7. Turn carefully when the underside is brown and crusty; brown the second side.
  8. Remove from the pan and drain on paper towels.
  9. Keep warm in a 350 deg. oven, in a single layer, for no more than 20 minutes.
  10. Serve piping hot with applesauce.


Most Helpful

These latkes were so crispy and good!! I followed the recipe but I squeezed the liquid from the potatoes after shredding. Easy, tasty and enjoyed by all!Thanks Toolie!

Fairy Nuff October 04, 2005

Alot of ingredients in this! Very artery clogging. The texture was very soggy. If one squeezes out the moisture from the grated potato and onion mixture, the texture of the finished product dramatically improves. I like to use matzah meal instead of flour, skip the B.P., pepper and extra yolk and fry in canola oil. Perhaps not the same chutzpah as yours but still mighty kosher and heart healthy, that is until you add the rather large dollop of sour cream! LOL! Thanks for a different spin on traditional latkes Toolie.

AnnieCan November 27, 2007

Just thought I'd let you know that "chutzpah" doesn't translate exactly but it is used to mean "A lot of Nerve"! Like "Serious ATTITUDE" - enjoy!

Oolala September 08, 2005

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