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This is a great fruit salad. I did everything as suggested (and what a coincidence.. I had everything on hand!!!) except I used fresh cherries instead of maraschino cherries...as Im not a huge fan of the maraschinos. The juices from each of the canned fruits really soak into the other fruits during chilling, and make for an excellent flavored fruit salad. I must admit that I prefer a fruit salad from all fresh fruits, but when Im in a rush, this is DEFINITELY a great fruit salad to throw together. The colors are wonderful together and make for a great presentation as well. Great fruit salad heather!!! (by the way, I didnt make the whole recipe, because 2 of us could NEVER finish 10-12 servings before it got soggy and rotten lol). I used less kiwi and strawberries, and used only parts of the canned fruits and reserved them for other recipes I plan to make tonight and tomorrow :-) I also used less sugar accordingly, and just used as many cherries as I saw fit. Great way to encourage me to use the fruits that are sitting in my cabinets! :-)

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love4culinary October 16, 2003

Refreshing fruit salad! I added some sliced bananas and fresh orange slices. I omitted the mandarin oranges since I didn't have any on hand. We topped this with cool whip and enjoyed it :) Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

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Marsha D. April 11, 2007
Last Minute Fruit Salad