Lassi (Indian Yogurt Drink)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

A recipe I came across while searching for recipes of India and it is from "". Here is what is stated: "Lassi is a cooling yogurt beverage originally from the northern part of India. Traditionally lassi is unsweetened and has a pinch of salt and some spices mixed in. More recently, sweetened fruit lassis have become very popular drinks, both in India and around the world."

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 354.88 ml yogurt
  • 44.37 ml cream (optional)
  • 14.79 ml rose water (optional)
  • 118.29-236.59 ml fruit, of your choice chopped
  • 73.94-88.74 ml sugar
  • 9-10 ice cubes


  1. 1.Place all ingredients except the ice cubes in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. 2.One by one, add the ice cubes and blend further until they are broken down into a slush.
  3. 3.Serve in a tall, cold glass on a hot, hot day.
  4. Variations.
  5. •Plain Lassi: eliminate the sugar, fruit and rosewater. Substitute a pinch of salt and some toasted cumin seeds.
  6. •Bhang Lassi: a traditional lassi with cannabis extract and ground almonds. Used in the religious festival of Holi.
  7. •Good fruit choices are mangoes, papayas, strawberries and melons. Or try using lemon or lime juice. You can use anything you like really.
  8. •Add a pinch of ground cardamom, a few strands of saffron or some chopped mint if you like.
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This is delicious! By far, my favorite consistency. I used half of a banana. Will be having this quite often.

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Delightful! I made mine with frozen mango chunks, so I omitted the ice cubes and sugar. Made for ZWT 8!

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Wow diner, you did it again. Great recipe, thanks so much for sharing. My dh, aunt & uncle all curled their noses when I told them that there was yogurt in the drink. Then they tasted it, the smiles and ohhhs and slurps were all you could hear for a good 10 minutes. They all loved it, I was thrilled because I have had Lassi's in the past and this one is by far the best one yet. I opted to use strawberries and blackberries in this lassi, sooo good, I also used the cream and rose water options. Made for the Fearless Red Dragons - ZWT- 8 - Family Picks Round