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I made a few adjustments to the recipe in that I used fresh herbs which I pureed with the sweated zucchini, egg and ricotta cheese. I also added a finely chopped shallot to this mix. For the tomato sauce, I used half a jar of pasta sauce, a tin of tomato soup and the 1 cup of water. After putting it all in the lasagna dish, I used freshly grated parmesan to top. The family thought it tasted good and it was easy enough to make. I like the idea of using asparagus - might try that next time. If I were to make this recipe again, I would use 2 - 3 garlic cloves instead of the garlic powder. I feel this would give it a bit more taste.

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Diceydi June 22, 2009

I liked this much more than I expected! Since the other reviews said the zucchini turned to mush, I just sliced it in thin strips, about the width of a pencil, and it held up great. I used 2 zucchini and 6 or 7 stalks of asparagus. I made to small square pans, since there are just 2 of us, and I froze one. I ended up using about 6 cups of sauce, but I should have kept it to 5, because the sauce really spread out when it cooked and I could have used less. Mine looked NOTHING like the picture here, but tasted great. I used chunky spaghetti sauce rather than just tomato sauce, so that gave it some extra spice. I can't wait to have the leftovers for lunch today!

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*kara*intn June 19, 2009

I took the advice of kiwidutch and used chopped asparagus instead of zucchini. It tasted wonderful with the cheeses. I increased the spices a little also, as we tend to like our food spicy. This was delicious and nutritious, and the least-expensive lasagna I've ever made. I used whole wheat lasagna noodles and everyone gobbled it up.

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Denibates January 17, 2009

We put this recipe though it's paces along with a vegetarian guest who could see how it stacks up against her usual fare. Although DH and I eat vegetarian at least once a week and have no problem to omit meat, we both agreed that this particular recipe needed something more. In fact I had very big expectations for this one as we love all the ingredients but we sadly felt that the zucchini was not really a firm enough vegetable to stand up well in this, it turned into a watery mush... and the grated carrot was not a success either, even with our vegetarian guest (who is familiar with our rating system). I did make a few minor changes, in that I increased the amount of Italian seasoning and basil and garlic because it seemed like very little for 8 servings of lasagna, and even then we all felt I could have increased it even more. For the rest I followed the recipe exactly. It's such a pity that we all wanted to like this more but didn't. Please see my Rating System: 3 stars for a a good recipe that I would like to experiment with further .. some firmer vegetables for a start :) some recipes are more successful than others, it's always good to try something new. Thanks :) Made for Pick-a-Chef Autumn 2008.

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kiwidutch October 02, 2008
Lasagne a La Courgette