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This was the best lasagne I think that I have ever tasted. Our family loved it. I used beef instead of chicken. I had fresh tomatoes in the freezer that I cooked down to be the tomatoes and tomato paste, so I didn't need to try the sugar and baking soda trick. Thank you for the recipe. Even a dairy free version of this is good. I just mashed up firm tofu in place of cheeses. Oh, and I forgot the parmesan. It was fantastic without it. Definitely going in the family cookbook.

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fullhousequeen October 28, 2009

This was a good version of Lasagne. I particularly liked how easy it was & that i didn't need to make a white sauce!! I made the recipe as is, with extra garlic, lots of mushrooms to bulk up the sauce & layered thin slices of eggplant on the top with breadcrumbs (no parmesan). I'll do the same next time. A word on the baking soda - I'm also in the habit of adding baking soda to tomato based dishes: lasagne, meatballs, spaghetti sauce etc. it takes the sour, acidic taste away that you sometimes get with so many tomatoes. so add it in slowly, but don't be warned off!! in this recipe i added a tsp & the lasagne turned out great! Thanks for posting this (^-^)

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Mellowpuff July 24, 2009

Made this but with just a bit of baking soda, approx. 1/4 tsp. Didn't want to risk it after some of the reviews I read. I used a big pan so I knew 9 lasagna pasta wouldn't be enough so I added more and ended up with 2 layers of noodles and 3 layers of sauce(considering the bottom). I was so tempted to put a mozzarella topping but I stuck to the recipe using parmesan. It's also a 1st for me to used a pre-prepared stewed tomatoes instead of doing it directly while beef is cooking.It's all good. In fact, the lasagna came out so delicious that we enjoyed having this for the holidays with DH getting 2 huge slices in a matter of minutes.I'm so glad I made this. Thank you! Made for Fall PAC baby 2008.

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Pneuma October 01, 2008

When I made this I made a couple of changes - I added a container of ricotta cheese and left out the baking soda. Next time I will increase the tomatoes as the sauce was somewhat insufficient. Otherwise this lasagne was pretty good - my husband even liked it when normally he does not.

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dpacholl August 04, 2008

This is a great variation of lasagne. I usually don't make it because DH doesn't care much for ricotta. We had guests over and they asked to take the leftovers home since they knew we were going out of town. I think that says it all! DH made homemade whole wheat noodles and I only used 1 tsp of baking soda. Thanks, will definitely make this again. Reviewed for pac SPRING 2008

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TLu April 16, 2008

I made a couple of changes while preparing the recipe, but we enjoyed the lasange very much. I did not boil the noodles, just layered them in and baked. I also added the baking soda very sparingly on the adice of the chef. I probably used a teaspoon total, however I always reduce salt anywhere possible so that amount might not be enough for everyone. I also added mushrooms, green peppers, and black olives to the sauce as we like them. The lasange was so pretty and layered beautifully. Thank you for a great Sunday meal! Made for Spring '08 PAC.

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Susie D April 09, 2008

A tablespoon of baking soda? The lasagne ended up being inedible. I was wary of the ingredient amount and should have proceeded with caution, but the soda was a secret ingredient that I thought would enhance the dish.

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lacassej March 29, 2008

Great recipe!. I used fresh tomatoes, which I stewed while browning the meat (beef and pork). Following other reviewers' suggestion, I used tsp of soda. It was perfect. I used the spices as suggested except using more salt. My daughter asked for lasagna for her birthday. This recipe helped me to make a perfect gift. Thank you.

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rpmazur August 01, 2014