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This was a good recipe. Good parts: flavor is delightful, especially just that hint of thyme I've never found in a lasagne before; I also enjoyed the balance of meat and cheese with noodles. I did add some extra sauce for personal preference and b/c I didn't cook the noodles first (more on that in a sec). I love that the list of ingredients is so simple and the results so tastey. The only things I didn't like were that the recipe didn't mention whether or not to cook the noodles, and the layering directions aren't completetly clear. I understand that through simple math (beginning with 12 noodles, there are only so many layers one can produce at 3 noodles per layer) but the proportions that go into the layers are merely implied rather than expressly laid out. I didn't cook my noodles, but after looking through the ingredients added extra spaghetti sauce (for a total of 30 ounces) and 1/2 a cup of water around the edges. By the time it was done cooking, the top noodles were just a bit chewy, but when I came back to it later in the night it had set up perfectly with no chewy noodles. I froze this in 24 portions for very easy lunches and it freezes and thaws very well. I would make a meat sauce to go with this (after all, if we're being Irish about it, there's no such thing as too much cow on the plate) if serving it to my family. It goes very well with the standard lasagne sides: garlic bread or bruschetta, green salad, and some other fresh veggie. I'll be making this again.

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Annie H October 18, 2005


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Lil Young October 07, 2006
Lasagna the Irish Way