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I've made this recipe twice now~ once with potatoes and once with sweet potatoes. Our family prefers the sweet potatoes. Other than that, I did everything per the recipe. I keep cooked cubed chicken breast in the freezer so I used those. Great flavors~ even my picky 7 year old loved it (especially the "dolphin" part!) Thanks for posting toni!

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Auntie Mags May 04, 2007

What a wonderful dish! I only made a few slight changes to suit my famlies taste. For one I just scaled it down a bit since it is just me and my mother, also I carmelized my onions before adding the spinach and I used more wine than broth as well and also used cornstarch. All in all a great dish when I have the the time to throw it together, but the next time I have left over cooked chicken and baked potatos (which happens a lot) I will try this again to speed up the cooking and prep of the recipe and tell you how it goes.

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anme April 22, 2007

Really excellent dish. More prep then I usually would do for a weeknight, but it gave me a chance to use my mandolin (that dh brought into the marriage almost 10 years ago and I have never used!). I used a little more basil then called for and left out the oregano (didn't have any). Very good taste. I used the arrowroot and a sweet white wine. This smelled so good while each section was cooking and was a lovely presentation. Dh put some parmesean on his but I thought mine was perfect as is! Thanks Toni! This one is wonderful!

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ladypit May 31, 2005

I do wish I had picked up on this recipe during the contest, it is good use of the contest ingredients. I will probably make them again, good for the diet. I made it basicly as stated but did add salt and pepper to each layer of potatoes and have to admit I forgot to add the flour, which did not matter at all, the taste was really good and the sauce, while probably thinner than it was supposed to be, was good anyway without the flour.(and better for us) When I make it next time I think I would sprinkle some cheese over the top to finish it off a bit nicer, the top potatoes didn't brown as I thought they would. A cheese top would make a good company dish. Thanks for sharing a good one.

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Derf April 12, 2005
Lasagna Dolphin-oise