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This is excellent! I love ordering larb gai at my Thai restaurant, and this was easy to make at home. I used lime zest instead of kaffir leaves, and instead of wrapping in fresh cabbage, I served the chicken salad on a bed of wilted chopped cabbage. Thanks for the excellent recipe - this is a keeper!

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Jaudon May 15, 2012

Yum - yum. Made this recently and loved it. I made a few minor changes - I used sambal paste to add heat rather than cayenne and since I did not have lemongrass I used lemon zest (which I have done with other recipes with good results). I skipped the lime leaves altogether because I have found I do not like them. Rather than using the napa cabbage I wrapped mine in regular lettuce leaves - so good. I had a hard time finding the roasted rice powder, even at an Asian market - but so glad I gave it the effort to find it. What the roasted rice powder (called roasted rice flour on the package) did was to really help the chicken mixture to hold onto the dressing, and it gave it a great consistency. Thanks for posting, Gillian Spence, I love your recipe.

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Garlic Chick February 14, 2013

oh baby, oh baby, oh baby ... this was wonderful. to keep it low carb, I left out the rice powder and substituted liquid sucralose for the sugar. and leftover? throw it in the food processor with some celery and mayo - fabulous thai-flavored chicken salad.

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One Happy Woman June 08, 2010

This was so good! I had tofu larb at a restaurant last week and wanted to see if I could copy it...this recipe worked really well. I used tofu instead of the chicken and brown sugar instead of the palm sugar; apart from that I followed the recipe closely. Next time I make it, I will probably use more fish sauce and more mint, but wouldn't make any other changes. This tastes really fresh! Thanks for posting.

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Aunt Cookie April 04, 2009

I love larb gai and I made this recipe with a few adjustments (more cilantro, less fish sauce and thai chili's and sambal paste instead of cayenne). I also use red onions. This is so delicious and it is nice to see a recipe that actually uses lemongrass, rice powder and the kaffir lime leaves. That makes world of difference! Delicious and even better the second day..Thanks!

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ssinderella March 31, 2009
Larb Gai - Thai Chicken Salad