Langouste Grillée Aux Herbes (Crawfish Grilled W/ Herbs)

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Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 40 mins

This recipe is similar to the dish served at La Poularde Chez Lucullus, Nice, France as noted in a magazine article from my grandmother's recipe box.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Plunge the crawfish/lobster in boiling salted water. When the crawfish/lobster no longer moves, remove them from the pot and split them into two halves on a plate, using a large knife.
  2. Place each half on a heated oiled grill and cook for 12 minutes. Turn once or twice during cooking.
  3. Mix the remaining ingredients together and baste the crawfish/lobster halves and continue cooking for 10 more minutes. Continue to baste as you turn and cook halves.
  4. Just before serving time, bring sauce to a low boil for one minute, stirring continuously.
  5. Serve lobster/crawfish halves with sauce in dipping container on the side.