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Thank you for this recipe! This is the best white cake I've had in a very long time. Very light, moist, and fluffy! This cake is wedding-cake quality. I used only a simple buttercream icing (and did not incorporate the fruit) and made several cupcakes with it. I will be making this cake again in the future!

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ArtistikJen July 03, 2010

Oh! This brings back memories. My mom found this recipe it the news paper when I was little 54 ish years ago. It became our family favorite. She would make it every year right after thanksgiving wrap it in cheese cloth and douse it with whiskey every week for 3 weeks then leave it alone till xmas. By then just the flavor of the whiskey was there and was mild. I have made this several time....but my family doesn't like it. What a shame, they just don't know what they are missing. But if you don't like coconut, nuts and cherries..... I have brought this cake to parties and it is always a hit... and so beautiful.... I have left out the candied cherries and used the ones in the jars or none at all. Thanks for posting.

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grfox33 October 18, 2009

Oh how beautiful, I miss old fashioned cakes like these, and I wish there would be a resurgance in them, they are absolutely worthwhile.

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Gracie's Globe January 04, 2006
Lane Cake White Four Layer Cake With Filling