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Icelandic lamb is so wonderful, but they're a bit snobbish about it. Rack of lamb & leg of lamb are prime meats & shanks are pkg'd w/"stew meat"! So shhh, we must be very quiet about this dish & how good shanks can be or the price may go way up here too! I used my own lamb stock & cooked it in a "cooler" oven for a longer time as others did. The aroma was heaven & the gravy rich & full of flavor. My DH loved it, but said he could do without any tomato taste the next time & there will be many I'm sure. Thx for posting this!

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twissis May 12, 2006

We enjoyed this dish cooked by Latchy, herself, when we visited her recently. It was superb - one of the best meals we've ever eaten! In the version Latchy cooked for us, she substituted the madeira with marsala, the pepperoni with Spanish chorizo and she also added some crushed anchovies to the sauce. She served the shanks with polenta and a simple salad of rocket dressed with lemon juice and olive oil. Truly a memorable meal! We had the leftovers the following night, reheated in the microwave and it was equally wonderful. Thanks Latchy - can't wait to cook this myself.

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Kookaburra August 06, 2005

We really enjoyed this. You know it's good when all conversation stops and everyone just concentrates on dinner. LOL. I did make a few changes, since I didn't have Madeira, I used about 1/3 brandy and 2/3 red wine. I also used canned roma tomatoes and fresh rosemary. This will go into my favorites folder. Thank you!

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Liara March 13, 2005

This recipe appears to be a modern adaptation of an Iberian recipe - quite a good modernization of the original. To make it spicier, use a Spanish spicy chorizo or if you cant find one, a cabanossi. I also added peppercorns and a bay leaf like the original ones. This is a good recipe to use when running short of time in producing beef broth. I find that there is no substitute for Madeira wine (not even a combination of white and red wines) since the taste of dried fruits cannot be replicated by a mixture of plain white and red wine. Hence, it is important that only madeira wine be used in this recipe. Otherwise, that is no longer Iberian, but something else. Thank you for sharing, Latchy :)

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Polar Bear December 24, 2004

Latchy these are great lamb shanks. Love the flavour of the pepperoni and olives throughout the dish. I had the extra time so took Jan's advice and cook at 160c for around the 2 1/2hour mark. Instead of adding the cornflour at the end of the recipe I actually dusted the shanks with it before browning. Thanks for posting this recipe, it's now Dave's favourite shank recipe!

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Jewelies July 25, 2004

I love lamb shanks, and I really loved this. It was easy to prepare, then watched itself, and the house smelled fantastic. I halved the recipe, but used a whole can of chopped tomatoes. I decided to cook this for longer in a lower (160c) oven until the meat fell off the bone (2 1/4 hours). The liquid had evaporated during cooking, so there was no need to thicken the juices. I just skimmed the fat from the top and served them up. Latchy mentions adding "paste" in step 4 of the method, so I added 2 tablespoons of tomato paste. We had this with boiled new potatoes, steamed asparagus and broccoli.

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JustJanS November 20, 2003
Lamb Shanks With Madeira and Olive Sauce