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Delicious! Took the advice of other reviews and doubled the broth/port wine. Didn't have chicken broth so I used beef broth, and I also added pearl onions with the 10 garlic cloves.

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minglemonkey August 18, 2012

My lamb shanks were large (just over 500 grams/1 lbs ) each (I scale the recipe up for 3 serves) and added another 10 minutes to the cooking time. I could not brown my shanks in my electric pressure cooker as I couldn't get them to lay flat so did them in a frypan and then deglazed the frypan with the chicken stock before adding to the lamb and the cloves of garlic (which I browned in the pressure cooker). Once lamb was cooked I put into a casserole dish and kept it warm in the oven while I reduced the sauce (as my pressure cooker would take to long to do this , I put the liquid in a pot and rapidly boiled to reduce and then added the butter and voila a delicious gravy that was out of this world. Thank you Mrs. Goodall, made for ZAAR Chef Alphabet Soup tag game.

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I'mPat August 14, 2012

I have never made Lamb Shanks before, this recipe was easy and convenient. It was extremely tasty and my husband and myself thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Mrs Goodall for sharing !

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dialgranpop June 22, 2012

Absolutely delicious. I added more vinegar in the end. WOW! Superb! ! !!

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Donna L. W. September 09, 2016

Made this in my new Instant Pot! Love that thing! The shanks were well done and very tasty.

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sheepdoc August 20, 2016

I don't have a pressure cooker, so I made this on the stove top. I cooked it on low (covered) for about 2 hours. The sauce cooked down a bit so I did have to add some extra water twice (but no more than a cup in all). The sauce is fabulous and the shanks were oh-so tender. Served with two Greek-style side dishes—braised green beans and rice with spinach and feta cheese. Fantastic dinner. Thanks for posting.

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Leggy Peggy August 14, 2016

Came out perfect. My husband loved it, complimentin. How this is better than the Mediterranean restaurant's version..lol.. I took another review's advice and doubled up on the chicken broth, but only 1/4 cup more of the port. Delicious!

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C Martin April 25, 2016

I love lamb, but am leery of tomato base sauces and was worried it might ruin my taste of the lamb. How wrong I was!! First I tried the lamb without added sauce and it was very good. But then I tried it by adding additional sauce to it, and, wow! - this was amazing!!! I think it is the balsamic vinegar that gives it that over-the-top taste. So don't be afraid to use that ingredient if you are afraid of vinegar like I have been. I may never make my lamb the traditional way again (mint, garlic, oil, broil). Thank you, thank you!

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a_1_jensen March 29, 2016

Very tasty recipe. Super easy to make. Reading other reviews I was worried about the sauce's consistency, but mine turned out fine. Served this with green leaf salad and the Orzo with Mushrooms from this website.

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jolenecaruana July 18, 2014

4 stars as written, I followed recipe the first time I made it except for tripling the liquid and all seasonings. I wanted lots of gravy, plus I didn't want sludge forming in my 6 qt pressure cooker. The shanks weren't nearly done in specified time, garlic was lost, not much flavor. When I did it again for my 2 large shanks, I seasoned them heavily with granulated garlic and then dredged in flour with even more in that, plus lemon pepper, garlic salt, Mrs Dash Tomato and Basil then browned, removed and deglazed pan with 1/2 C merlot. Used 2 C chicken broth and another 1C of merlot, and increased the tomato paste to 2T. I sliced 1/2 onion into basket in bottom of cooker, + 4 sprigs rosemary +~2T refrigerated minced garlic. Put shanks on top, slathered with more refrigerated minced garlic, 2 rosemary sprigs, and sprinkled with oregano and Italian seasoning. Next time I'll put 3 4" rosemary sprigs atop each shank rather than 1, also maybe some cloves of garlic sliced thinly. As much of both that I used this time, neither were used in excess this time I cooked 45 min, turned down gradually to ~#2 mark. They were cooked perfectly.I thickened with cornstarch then added malt vinegar 1T for this amount of gravy. I used the butter but not necessary, it's just added fat. I had more gravy than needed but I didn't want to take the chance of it going dry in my big cooker for the extended cooking time. I.served them on mashed potatoes with asparagus and fruit salad., and with my many changes I give it 5 stars. 2 shanks serve 4.

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jaybee chef February 09, 2014
Lamb Shanks With Garlic and Port Wine - Pressure Cooker