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This dish is worth all the time it took to make, and for me, it took 24 hrs. The reason for this is as I read the instructions (very well done), I knew the lamb would be to fatty to just skim off the top. So after the lamb was fork-tender, I removed them, strained the stock, placed it in a bowl and refrigerated it overnite. The next day, I removed the now almost solid fat off the top, and continued with the instructions. I don't think I changed the outcome at all! The shanks completed cooking, the squash turned a bit browner then the picture, even though I covered with foil towards the end. Oh, one small change, instead of a piece of orange zest, I put a whole slice of orange(which was removed). My shanks came frozen from New Zeland and when I was ready to use them, I think they were still somewhat frozen at the bone, thus longer cooking time. So what was the end result? The smell alone was to die for! Some folks don't like the smell of lamb cooking...that is why I put in the whole orange slice, to deter that problem. They were so soft, that they were almost creamy in the mouth. This is a great dish for all you cooks that want to impress your MIL!...and she will be impressed!

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Happy Harry #2 April 14, 2006
Lamb Shanks With Butternut Squash Recipe