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This is easy to make, and I love that it sits on the stove for hours so you can go ahead and do other things that need to be done. I found the addition of an envelope of chicken noodle soup a bit odd, but it did act as a filler. The soup turned out very thick, so if you prefer a thinner soup, add more water or decrease the amount of chicken noodle soup that you add. I browned my lamb shank before starting the soup.....something I've always done and just couldn't break the habit. Otherwise, made as posted. I'd probably add more veggies next time....either way, this soup was delicious and I enjoyed it very much tonight. Thanks for sharing! Made for ZWT8.

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breezermom August 12, 2012

Made for ZWT-8 & I echo most of what Andi said. This easy-fix is veggie-rich & warms the soul. (I'm even starting to talk like Andi again, BK) I added some peas & corn leftover from another recipe. Also like Andi, my packet of chicken soup had tiny pasta in it. Even at a simmer, the soup needs a little watching for more liquid. I added water at 1 hr & again at 2 hrs when I returned the meat to the soup for the final 30 min simmer. The cook is in control & can get a watery soup, thick soup or a more stew-like soup. I did add 1 prep step at the start. In the soup pot, I seared the lamb shanks in a sml amt of olive oil & then went on to assemble the other ingredients. DH enjoyed your soup late last nite after getting home from his fishing trip & went to bed both full & happy. Thx for sharing this recipe w/us.

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twissis August 05, 2012

This is a gloriously easy, awesome soup, that used fresh veggies from the garden. Although it's hot outside, nothing better at the end of the day then to come in and have a bowl of this hearty soup, while you put your feet up and let the day deflate like a balloon 5 days out. I added fresh celery, fresh new potatoes, and fresh zucchini. The packet of chicken soup had rice in it, but it only served to bring this to a beautiful crescendo. I adore this recipe! Thanks, BK!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm August 04, 2012

This was very good. I was confused about the packet of chicken noodle soup, but I used 2 4.25 oz packets of Lipton chicken noodle soup starter and it turned out tasty. The noodles were a little mushy. Maybe it should go in at the 20 minute mark.

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sheepdoc February 16, 2014

Yum, really tasty and quick to prepare! The brand of noodle soup I was using would have been too strong using 8 ounces so I reduced the amount to match the amount of water I added to cover. We really enjoyed it along with a loaf of crusty garlic bread.

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Peter J November 16, 2012
Lamb Shank Soup - Australia