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Very tasty and the sauce was terrific! I think the recipe is missing some proportions and directions, though. The amount of olive oil and spices used to marinate the meat is not nearly enough for the quantity of meat specified. In fact, I wouldn't marinate the meat at all, I can't see that it added anything to the finished product. I used more spices than indicated, including salt, pepper and lamb seasoning. For the amount of liquid added, more flour is needed. I added more, and still my final product was more soup-like. Also, add the flour to the sauteed shallots (to make a roux), not directly to the liquid, or you will have lumps of flour. 18 shallots is way too many, I used half that many. I don't know how large shallots are in general, but mine were very large, almost the size of small onions. I think this recipe would be good with added vegetables to it, like squash or something like that. The recipe also didn't state this, but I used olive oil to brown the lamb and also to saute the shallots. This is a very good recipe and I hope these tips are useful. Made for the Pink Panthers on the Prowl for ZWT9.

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Michelle Berteig August 19, 2013

Very succulent and easy to prepare! A medley of flavors, highly recommended.

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Orphic Myth January 26, 2008

An excellent tagine. The lamb is meltingly tender, the onions and spice and herbs make a lovely sauce, and the dates and honey add a very subtle undercurrent of sweetness. I did chop the dates into dice and finely minced the preserved lemon rind.

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Chef Kate February 23, 2006
Lamb, Shallot and Date Tajine