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This review is a total rant about the compound butter. It is to die for. We had it with loin chops last night. Intend to have it on the chicken tonight and will make more so that we can have it with fish tomorrow night and have some left over to see what it is like on veges. Absolutely fantastic - as the kids say " Yum, Yum, Pig's bum"

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MissMaggie July 07, 2010

Oh, the compound butter is soooo good! The lamb here in Costa Rica is so-so, but the butter was to die for! We had polenta as a side dish and this butter with the creamy corn was incredible. We have quite a bit of the butter left, as there's only two of us, but I can't wait to use it on chicken or fish real soon! Yum! Thank you, Twissis!

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Jostlori August 10, 2012

We purchased lamb loin chops a few days ago from a local source and I wanted a simple, elegant recipe to prepare them. Using fresh chives and parsley from our herb garden, the butter mixture was easy to make and I skipped the plastic wrap because with the foil alone I was able to roll the log easily. Delicious! We tried the compound butter on homemade onion bread, too and right now a whole chicken is roasting with the remaining compound butter. I was smart enough to realize that if this recipe garnered a five-star rating from Chef Kate it had to be something quite special. Thanks for posting a most delicious recipe. We enjoyed it immensely with Hasselback Potatoes (minus the garlic) and a basic spinach salad.

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COOKGIRl May 16, 2010

This review is a rave for the compound butter. It is fabulous on grilled lamb and on vegetables (string beans in particular). I am very happy to have a nice hunk of the butter in the fridge and look forward to finding more uses for this delicious butter.

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Chef Kate July 26, 2007
Lamb Loin Chops (For the Grill) With Cafe De Paris Butter