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The flavours in this dish are intense, well-combined, but individually and pleasantly detectable – quite tart overall. As expected and hoped for, the curry flavour was the most prominent without being objectionably overpowering. I couldn’t find lamb filets in the stores, so I bought a half leg of lamb and trimmed and cubed a couple of pounds of the leanest meat myself. The dish was cooked to perfection in almost exactly 9 hours. I served it with rice that was coloured and flavoured with a little turmeric and a pinch of middle eastern spice mix, and accompaniments of mango chutney and mint sauce to balance the tartness. MIL, SIL, and BIL had no opinion – they weren’t here to taste it. FIL had no comment – he is deceased. And Fido had nothing to say either – he didn’t get any of it. I would say that I will “definitely make this again” because it “is a keeper”, but those phrases have been overused and I hate to be plagiaristic. Excellent recipe, Dorothy.

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Mille® October 02, 2002
Lamb Curry - Crock Pot