Lamb Curry

READY IN: 1hr 45mins
Recipe by wizkid

As simple as it gets and absolutely delicious. This tastes very authentic. It is important to use a heavy pan because it is far better to simmer this on the stove top so that the sauce thickens nicely.

Top Review by David GM

Have you ever woken up and one minute you’re quietly planning the day ahead when the next it turns into a whirlwind of activity? Well, that’s the sort of day yesterday turned out to be. By mid-afternoon I knew I wasn’t going to have much time to cook, so looking in the fridge for something to put together quickly, I saw diced lamb then crossed my fingers that I’d find something on ’zaar. Your recipe was just the ticket as the other ingredients are always in my cupboards. By dinner time everyone was tired and ravishing and lamb curry was the pick-me-up we all needed after such a busy day. So having toasted you wizkid for the recipe, the following praise is all theirs “delicious… exotic… comfort food… scrumptious�. It was all of those and a blessing in being so quick to make; who could ask for more! Thanks a million, Pippa.

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  1. quickly fry the lamb in half of the the oil until browned and set aside.
  2. gently brown the onions in the rest of the oil until transparent.
  3. return the lamb to the pan with the onions.
  4. add the curry paste and fry for a minute or two.
  5. Add the tin of tomatoes and the 300ml of water.
  6. Simmer on the stove top for approximately 1 1/2 hours, or until the sauce is thickened and the lamb is tender.
  7. Just before serving add the finely chopped coriander and the garam masala.
  8. Add salt and pepper if necessary.

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