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This is so good! First attempt at making Hollandaise, I was getting a little concerned, the mixture was looking like it was curdling, but kept on whisking and was rewarded with a lovely smooth sauce. The colour was great too, as for the lamb chops, cant beat em! Thanks for the sharing a great recipe.

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Evie* December 05, 2002

I have never cooked lamb or hollandaise and these both turned out excellent. I used New Zealand lamb. I did not eat any since I don't like lamb but my DH and our guest was majorly impressed. I didn't find the sauce very minty so would add a bit more I think. Made for the Aus/NZ region for ZWT 5 for team Zaar Chow Hounds

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wicked cook 46 May 17, 2009

This was fantastic! I actually grilled the lamb chops since I need new broiler-safe pans. Will definitely make this again. Made for my teammate ZWT5: Australia/New Zealand Epicurean Queens.

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Scarlett516 May 13, 2009

First time ever I have made lamb chops & hollandaise sauce,was extremely nervous.The sauce turned out delicious I used 2 small egg yolks also decreased the vinegar by 1/2 a spoon.The chops I boiled with bay leaf, cloves,cinnamon & whole black pepper.then dabbed them with olive oil,pepper& salt & grilled them.they turned out perfect.Thank you.

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sunita.achria July 29, 2007

We always combine mint and lamb, and this is a delightful, new approach. It all came together very easily. Made and enjoyed for Zaar World Tour.

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Leggy Peggy June 17, 2007

Saw this recipe, and tried it based on the excellent reviews of the Hollandaise sauce that was show-cased. I had a rack of lamb, but thought I would use the mint that is growing in my garden, (yes, even in our very warm winter it grows) and the sauce was well.......heavenly. Actually, my DH was late, so I had to hold the hollandaise sauce for approx. 60 minutes. I used an old double boiler, kept it on low heat every 15-20 mins. and added a bit of warm water to get it back on track. Lovely, lovely. Thanks so much for the wonderful addition of mint. The lamb will never be the same.

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akplongmeadow December 29, 2006

It's always a treat when I look for a good recipe and see a recommendation from my dear departed friend, Latchy. Latchy was such a great cook, that I'm always reassured when I see she's given a recipe a 5 star review. She wasn't wrong on this one. It made a delightful lunch for the two of us. I fried the chops in a little oil, and halved the ingredients for the hollandaise (using two small egg yolks). This made plenty of sauce for two. I used salted butter and the result was fine - although the sauce didn't require any extra salt at the end. I whisked the yolks, lemon juice and vinegar in a pyrex bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, but removed the bowl from the heat to beat in the butter as it was becoming very thick. Next time, perhaps, I'll add the mint before the butter as it wasn't quite minty enough for my taste and I think the heat of the butter and the beating might bring the taste out a little more. Nevertheless it was extremely tasty and different. I served it with spicy home-made potato chips and baked tomatoes.

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Kookaburra December 18, 2006

If you're having trouble with the hollandaise or having concerns, it's probably because you're inducing too much heat. When making hollandaise, you should be moving the bowl with your mixture on and off the heat every few seconds. Another suggestion I would make would be to reduce your vinegar and lemon juice in a seperate sauce pan before adding to the egg yoke and melted butter -- you'll get a more concentrated flavor from them.

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yrutrpn July 22, 2006

It had never occurred to me to serve hollandaise with lamb chops, but wow, was this good. This was actually the first time I'd ever made hollandaise (usually DH does it), but the steps were very clear and it was perfect! I do wish I'd added a bit more mint, as I love the taste of it with lamb, but that's my preference. This recipe is well-written, very easy to follow, and the results are delish. Excellent recipe, thanks, Sharon123.

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Lizzie-Babette September 26, 2004

This is a great recipe, so glad I tried it. It really changed the normal lamb chop having the creamy mint hollandaise sauce, it really brings the humble chop to another dimension.

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Latchy July 01, 2004
Lamb Chops With Minted Hollandaise Sauce