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I was going to post this exact recipe! I got it out of the Cuisine at Home magazine.... and it is oh so good. I always make it with the rasberry jelly. Don't fret if you're not a mint fan. You can either leave it out or cut the amount in half. I also like alot of sauce so I make this recipe with the same amounts, but for 2 chops. Extra sauce goes great on some red potatoes as a side dish!

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Film Chick March 07, 2005

We always have jalapeno pepper jelly with lamb so was excited to see this recipe. I took a different approach to making this: added 2 Tblsp Montreal steak seasoning (by accident, but it came out great); 1 heaping Tblsp Mt Olive diced jalapenos; used dried Mint leaves. I don't care for Mint but it blended very well with other ingrediants. Mixed everything together (except flour and oil) and poured over one inch steaks that we sliced from a boneless leg of lamb. Marinated for about 5 hours and grilled on the barbee. Yum! Loved the flavors of the marinade combined with grilling. Great recipe!

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Koriander April 19, 2008

Neither of us are very well at the moment, so we wanted a meal with minimum effort and maximum flavour. This was pretty close to it! Both of us found it to be a little bit sweet for our taste buds, but figure it's the jalapeno jelly I bought locally. I would like to make this again and add a tablespoon of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar to balance the sweetness out. Good quick one for the lamb lovers.

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JustJanS November 10, 2004
Lamb Chops With Jalapeno Mint Sauce