Lamb Chops With Balsamic-Herb Glaze

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins

"Good things come in small packages" and that applies in a sense to recipes with very few ingredients. Original recipe specified rosemary but I leave it up to you to decide. Boiling the pan juices creates a delectable sweet-glossy glaze. Use a good quality balsamic vinegar, please! From Cooking Pleasures.

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  1. Sprinkle lamb chops with salt, pepper and most of the fresh herb of choice. Heat a large, castiron skillet over medium-high heat until hot.
  2. Add the lamb chops, cook for 5 minutes then reduce heat to medium/low and cook other side of chops for another to 5-6 minutes. (This is for medium doneness-adjust cooking time accordingly.).
  3. Transfer chops to serving plate. Tent with foil.
  4. Add the balsamic vinegar and brown sugar to skillet; bringing to boil.
  5. Cook the sauce for approximately 1-2 minutes or until sauce thickens and reduces; scraping up the brown meat bits from bottom of skillet. Continue stirring until thickened.
  6. Pour glaze over chops. Garnish with the remaining minced herb.
Most Helpful

Tasty but I had trouble with the cooking method. Too cooked on the outside and raw in the middle. I had to put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Made for CQ 14.

sheepdoc August 28, 2014

CG, this was lovely..! we love lambchops,and this method makes them sweet but in no way sickly sweet. Rosemary was our fresh herb of choice as we adore rosemary with lamb. This is a recipe where DH and I debated bewteen 4 and 5 stars... We would take great pleasure in trying this often and trying a few changes to the recipe to get it to (our)personal perfection.. once we do, I will post what we added/subtracted and rearrange the stars accordingly :) A potential 5 star recipe that gets a wonderful 4 stars and which we will make often. A so far unreviewed gem of a recipe that deserves some more limelight :) Thanks !!!

kiwidutch January 13, 2006