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This recipe is so good, I followed it exactly. From the dill in the meat mixture to the lemon egg sauce it just so good. I certainly will be cooking this again, just so much better than the recipes for cabbage rolls with a tomato sauce.

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Latchy July 18, 2003

I had a similar recipe to this one which required the meat to be cooked prior to making the rolls. I did not want to do the extra step, so tried this recipe with much success. My family loves garlic, so I had to add 1 clove to the meat mixture (we eat so much garlic that we could not even tell it was added). I was forced to add 1/2 cup of scallions because the last onion I had only made 1 cup after being chopped. The egg-lemon sauce was good, but my stock must have not reduced as much as Evelyn's so I had to add more than 2 tbsp of cornflour to thicken the sauce. This recipe was tasty. Thank you for sharing.

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elli2cook March 20, 2007

Made this recipe as part of Alphabet Tag. When I re-read the directions for the sauce, I was a bit sceptical due to lemon in sauce, but I made it just the same. It was okay, but I'm glad I didn't cover all the cabbage rolls with the sauce. I do prefer them without the sauce. I'm going to try the sauce on some other recipe later. Froze both the rolls and the sauce separately.

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Nana Lee August 26, 2005

If it were possible to be jailed for abuse of cabbage rolls I would be found guilty. I'd never made them before and I tortured them by leaving them to cook too long (I forgot they were on the stove!), poking them numerous times while they were in the pot, sticking them in a freezer for 3 months and then reheating them without the slightest clue how to do it. Having done all that, the cabbage rolls were delicious! The only little quirks I ran into was the amount of cabbage given -- I needed twice as much but maybe this was down to inexperience -- and the fact I found the sauce a touch too lemony. I also couldn't taste the dill but maybe this is because I used dried and not fresh. To reheat from frozen, I put the frozen cabbage rolls in a baking dish and covered with foil and baked at about 200 C for about an hour. I then drizzled the sauce over and served with rice and a salad.

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Sackville July 27, 2005
Lahanodolmathes (Greek Cabbage Rolls)