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Tusind tak, Karen! I cannot begin to describe how excited I am that I finally found THE recipe. I have made up to 10 different kinds of layer cakes from Danish websites but they were not 'it'; this one is! Exactly like my grandmother used to make it. I made 3 layers and used 8 inch forms which means that my layers were a bit higher. Only change was that I added the vanilla before the whipped egg whites. I layered the cake with 300 g raspberry mashed with 5 tbsp sugar and whipping cream in the order; cake>raspberry>whipping cream and ending with whipping cream on top; shaved some chocolate on top to make it look even prettier. My mom is here visiting from Denmark and I served it for her birthday yesterday! I am so thrilled that I finally have this recipe. Thank you SO MUCH!

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Deantini July 04, 2010

This reminded me of a classic genoise (sp?) yielding a light and delicate cake which made a perfect foil for fruits and other flavorful fillings. Small family here so I made a half batch and prepare it in a jelly roll pan. Once cool i used a bisquit cutter to make little rounds for individual cakes. such a treat. Thanks.

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justcallmetoni June 10, 2006
Lagkage Danish Layer Cake