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Wow! This chili is fantastic! In fact, DH declared multiple times that this is his favorite vegetarian chili that he has tried so far on Food.com. That means this will be our new go-to chili recipe. We liked it so much yesterday for dinner that it was hard to say whether leftovers today for lunch were even better. Like another reviewer, I used 3 15-oz cans of black beans. The only modifications we made were to sub a New Mexico chili for the ancho (internet said this was an acceptable substitute) since we did not have ancho on hand and I omitted the sour cream/creme fraiche as I don't like sour cream on any of my chilis. We topped with sharp cheddar which was a great compliment. Also, when it came time to make the paste, the consistency was not paste-like, so we roasted two more chilis and added them to the blender. The consistency still did not look like paste, but this did not affect the overall consistency of the chili. In fact, I think we rather enjoyed double the roasted peppers and I will probably use 4 again next time I make this (it's possible maybe my dried chiles were just smaller than average, I don't know). Thanks for a really great chili recipe. Made for Sun and Spice 2013.

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Dr. Jenny February 08, 2013

Really delicious! I used three 15 oz. cans black beans and it still turned out really well. I usually toast my dried chilies on top of the stove. First I remove stems, seeds and veins and break the chilies into chunks, and then dry fry them in a frying pan, pressing down and flipping over with a spatula, until they change color. Then I soked them for 20-30 minutes in water, puree them and then strained the chili mixture through a wire mesh. I made a few minor adjustments but mostly made as directed. You sure don't miss the meat in this dish!

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Andtototoo! June 24, 2009
Lafd Engine Co. No. 28's Vegetarian Black Bean Chili