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This recipe turned out perfectly. I could not find Lady Fingers at my supermarket and was very pleased to find this recipe. I followed the recipe exactly as written. I used the them in the Tiramisu Recipe. #84612. This dessert turned out fantastic. The lady fingers were soft and spongy and soaked in the yummy coffee liquid while still holding their shape. It's a keeper! Thanks Sam

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Chef Lorraineeee February 06, 2012

I used this recipe to make the Lady Fingers for my Chocolate/Cherry Trifle dessert tonight. I probably could have whipped my egg whites a bit stiffer, but after reading one review was a bit fearful of doing that, next time I will definately whip them a bit stiffer. I have got to thank you for this lovely, and tasty recipe, that is so very very handy. I have to tell you how hard it is to find these in the store most times and this recipe is now going to be a regular around here. The Kitchen Store in town sells the forms for Lady Fingers and I think it is well worth going to pick that up now. Thank you so very much for this great recipe. Made for Please Review My Recipe Event.

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Chabear01 February 09, 2010

I am always wanting to make various desserts that call for Lady Fingers and can never seem to find them commercially. Now I can make my own! These were very easy and quick to make. Turned out light and flavorful. I made a change in flavor by adding lemon extract instead of almond, to go with a dessert I am going to use them in. I did make mine a little wider than store-bought kind, but will work great for the dessert.

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Outta Here October 25, 2008

I'm so bummed that I didn't look at all of 2Bleu's photos before making these. Now I see what I did wrong. When I read 'very stiff', I overdid it, and my egg whites were too stiff and foamy and things did not fold together properly. Despite the wrong texture, I can tell you that they still taste very good, but I don't want to put stars on this until I try it again and get better results myself. Thanks for posting, and thanks 2Bleu, for the great instructional photos, even though I didn't see them all right away. (I stopped when I saw that delicious looking strawberry mousse sandwich!) Made for PRMR.

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SrtaMaestra September 18, 2008

I reduced the recipe down to 8 servings. This recipe is easier than one might imagine Lady Fingers to be. 2 bowls, 10 minutes! :) Light like an angel, and fluffy like the clouds, I served this in bowls with some frozen Strawberry Mousse for a strawberry shortcake and also made some strawberry mousse sandwiches. These Lady fingers do 'stick' to your fingers (and each other), so they are best eaten with a spoon, but for a delicious bit of (low-calorie and low-fat) heaven on earth, these are a must try! Outstanding Sam, thanks for a keeper recipe!

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2Bleu June 02, 2008
Lady Fingers