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This recipe is taken word for word from "Kosher by Design," a great cookbook by Susie Fishbein. It's really not right to post things without giving credit. It IS a great recipe, as are all the recipes I've tried from this cookbook. EDITOR'S NOTE: Recipe description updated 4/30/04

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Nancy Lapid April 07, 2004

I have made this recipe for passover and high holidays for several years. It is a delicious if somewhat labor intensive kugel. I make it early in the day and leave it on the counter to keep hungry kids from picking at the other dishes.The only optional adjustment I have made is to substitute chicken broth or parve stock for the H2O. Wonderful recipe. Thank you for posting it. It's a staple now in my family of 12.

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topasj March 31, 2013

This is a great recipe but way to many steps. It got rave reviews but 2 or 3 pkgs frozen hash brown potatos the eggs 1 pkg of frozen onions some chopped garlic and parsley would bring the same results

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bklyn2444 November 29, 2008

A fantastic kugel. My cuisinart doesn't have a fine grater, so I put the potatoes through the shredder disk and then gave the shreds a few short pulses with the chopping blade to achieve the perfect texture. Here's a tip: if you cannot find potato starch (same as potato flour) where you live, you can substitute corn starch. There will be no difference in the result, except that it will not be kosher for passover. I added a clove of garlic when I pureed the onion because I love garlic. Also, I substituted chicken schmaltz for the 5 Tbsp of oil (but NOT the 1/4 cup oil) because I love that flavor. If you happen to have some gribenes on hand, it wouldn't hurt to toss that in, too. Still, this kugel is awesome as is. I baked it in two deep quiche pans and served it in wedges with brisket for Shabbat. It was a big hit with everyone at the table. Thanks!

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The Extravagant Little Cook August 15, 2008

WARNING: DO NOT FOLLOW THIS RECIPE IF YOU ARE USING A PYREX OR OTHER GLASS DISH!! I heated the oil in the dish, as per the instructions, and then put it on the counter so that I could put in the potato mixture. THE DISH SHATTERED ALL OVER THE KITCHEN, including into the batter I had spent a lot of time making. It took me 45 minutes just to clean the shattered glass and oil off of the counter, floor, the dogs' bowls -- it was literally everywhere! Had to throw the batter out, and then tend to a cut I got from the glass. I have learned my lesson!

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apt236 April 04, 2016

This was delicious, but I did add some things and I changed some things. Like another reviewer I used the big shredder blade on the cuisinart for the potatoes and then used the regular blade to make them finer. Things I added: Garlic to the onions; dill; parsley; lemon pepper; lawry?s salt; Things I changed: I used about 2 lbs of yukon gold potatoes and didn?t peel them I substituted corn starch for the potato starch (I didn't have any potato starch) I added ?Better than bouillon? to the boiling water and used only about 3/4 of a cup of water

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Denise H. April 05, 2015

I have never been a huge kugel fan, but my traditional family always expects one at the Passover Seder table. I have tried at least a dozen recipes over the years, and have never loved any of them. After making this recipe for the first time tonight, and I now am a kugel convert! This one is absolutely delicious! Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, with the extra yum factor of the carmelized onions that crisp up during the baking process. I took another reviewer's suggestion, and added a teaspoon of Parve chicken consommé powder to the boiling water. Don't skip the step of heating the oil in the baking pan before adding the potato mixture -- this makes the bottom crisp up as well as the top. I will return to this recipe again and again.

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Doctormomcooks April 03, 2015

This is the first kugel of any kind that I have ever made. I used 1 1/2 cups diced caramelized onions and 1/2 c raw onion puree mixed with the eggs and oil. Then I grated 7 large peeled Yukon Gold potatoes on the small side of my cheese grater. Grate fast and squeeze dry and place directly in the egg so they don't turn brown. I did the starch and boiling water thing even though I was very dubious. Add salt and pepper and nuke about a tablespoon for 30sec to test for seasoning. Add more salt and pepper if needed. At this point I put the whole mix in the fridge overnight. I took it out about an hour before cooking and stirred it well. Then followed directions exactly for baking. It was done after 20min on 500F and 25min on 400F in my oven. I was told it was absolutely delicious and the tiny bit I got to taste was yummy. There wasn't a drop in the pan at the end of the night. So even though I thought the starch thing weird. It worked out very well.

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mama23kidz April 06, 2012

great recipe! I make it for Shabbat morning and put it on hot plate an hour before serving. Everyone loves it!

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GalicioBocharit November 04, 2011

I have not had Kugel since my Dad passed away. I just made this recipe today and I love it!! It's not at all like my Dad's, which was very thick and weighed a ton.. This one is so light and delicious, I am sure he would have loved this. This will be a monthly regular instead of the same old potatoes. Thanks for the recipe....

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Sasha L June 04, 2011
Lacy Potato Kugel