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This is VERY good! I made it in two batches- in one I used the garlic and added a bit of an herb blend and in the other I added some sliced strawberries. Both were terrific. A couple of notes-at about 8-10 hours the yogurt is about the texture of sour cream and can be used as such in many recipes while getting to the firmness needed to sub for cream cheese took way longer, about 30 hours. Also, you may want to cover your strainer if letting it sit out on the counter. Thanks for the great recipe!

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OhMyStars! August 01, 2004

Thank you yet again, sugarpea. I was happy to make my own labneh, instead of buying it with preservatives, from the stores.

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Naureen Tahir May 13, 2006
Labaneh (Yogurt Cheese):