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If you are interested in delicious sweet breads, this is for you. I mixed up the dough in the bread machine, using about 4 cups of flour for one cake. I misread the recipe and used most of a can of apple pie filling (instead of just half). I sprinkled the cake with turbinado sugar, and it is beautiful! Chunks disappeared overnight! Out of curiosity, I did google this. I learned that the bakery that provided the recipe is a Mexican family bakery, and it makes this cake with four fillings. Other recipes suggest kneading in the candied fruit, rather than leaving it on the top, or using a filling much as is suggested here. Still others insisted that only candied cactus be used. The recipe is part of the heritage of Spain and the rest of Latin America, not just Mexico. That's a pretty large territory, and I suspect that what is "traditional" is going to be different from place to place.

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duonyte January 04, 2008

I have never made a King Cake before but have had plenty in my day. I really love the addition of the almond filling and living in TX, I didn't have a problem finding it. The cakes rose beautifully and since the recipe makes 2 cakes, I was able to share one with neighbors. After frosting, I sprinkled them with the traditional yellow, green and purple colored sugars. The only thing I would suggest is to lightly grease an empty can and place in the center of the ring to ensure the integrity of the circle. This will become my traditional Mardi Gras cakes. Thanks for posting!

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PaulaG February 26, 2006

Hello Molly53; I do not know what was meant by this not being a "traditional recipe" by one of the reviewers. This is totally irrelevant and the recipe as is, is fantastic, traditional, new, or whatever. You should be proud that you submitted such a tasty recipe. It is too bad that the ratings don't go higher than #5 as this recipe of yours deserves a much, much higher rating. I have never made a sweet yeast bread such as this one. The dough rose so well on the first rise and after I punched it down and rolled each segment of dough out, placed the filling, rolled it up, twisted into a rope like shape, joined the ends, placed it on a baking sheet, covered the dough and let it rise again. WOW, it rose so big. Baked it at 350 F for 30 minutes, let cool for about 10 minutes and then I spread the lovely icing over the entire top, sprinkled the top with colored sugar sprinkles, and then just had to cut a piece to try. The inside was so soft and the outside had a very slight crust to it. Oh My, was this every tasty. I could not find any solon Almond Filling, so I used Marzipan instead, JUST GREAT. I will make this recipe again when we have company as I am sure that they never had anything as tasty as this marvelous Bread/Cake. Thank you so much for sharing and continue with more great recipes. "Uncle Bill"

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William (Uncle Bill) Anatooskin January 09, 2005

I made one with the solo filling, one with the apple. Everyone loved them. My son said it was "like the best apple pie ever". This recipe will continue to be served here.

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24char February 20, 2010


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redguide February 18, 2010

From someone who is not use to this type of cake/bread - this is really good. It's a bit sweet to me and a bit dry - like a danish. I've never made bread like that before. I made mine (1/2 recipe) in the bread machine, make sure to watch and see if more flour needs to be added during the process. I then shaped it, filled it, rolled it, formed it into a ring and put it on a lightly sprayed cookie sheet. Then I let it rise in the oven with the light on. It looks beautiful - it's HUGE and it tastes yummy. Thank you so much for your recommendation of making this for Epiphany.

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Color Guard Mom January 06, 2009

I'm giving this cake 4 stars because the cake part was very good. I didn't like the solo almond filling at all. I felt the flavour was much too strong but the cake would be delicious with a different filling.

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Dreamer in Ontario January 13, 2008

Delicious! We enjoyed this delicious sweet bread this morning. I cut the recipe in half and ended up using the additional flour as you suggested. I used Danish - Almond Filling which was the perfect amount for 1 cake. Thanks for posting Molly!

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puppitypup January 05, 2008

I have made this King Cake before but the plain version. The additional filling and icing make it a much nicer bread. I had the same problem as Uncle Bill...cannot buy the Solo in The Netherlands, planned also to use marzipan. The next problem was that after Christmas it was sold out everywhere and shops were not stocking it for the next weeks! But by now I had decided I wanted to make this bread with a filling. I make my own Mince Meat, it has lots of fruits and nuts in it, so I used that and it worked great. The icing I put on after the bread was out of the oven for half an hour, it melted away a bit which made it look nice. I halved the recipe and it still made one very large bread. On the then 3 cups of flour I needed an extra 1 1/2 cup flour before it became less sticky. At time of writing this Step 1 says to preheat the oven...I did not do that until I was in the middle of Step 14 otherwise the oven would have been on for several hours without being used. I will never make the King Cake in the plain version again this is much nicer..thanks for posting Molly!

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Pets'R'us January 15, 2005

Thank you for the recipe. I followed the directions for the most part, except I misunderstood, and only added half the amount of almond filling. I really like the almond flavor, and think it's a good addition. Next time I'd be sure to add the whole thing, between both cakes. After rolling out the dough, I chose to spread it first with some softened butter, then the almond filling, then sprinkled it with some brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. /that was a combination I'd seen in several other recipes. While the cakes looked very good, and rose nicely, I had thought it would've been a little more moist. But that may have been my lack of working with the yeast dough, so maybe I added a little too much flour. I ended up using about 7 1/2 cups. I like your addition of so many eggs. It does make the dough nice and rich. I only used 1 Tbsp of vanilla to the icing, as didn't want it to get too brown, and think 2 Tbsp would've given it a more beige color. Even with 1 Tbsp, the flavor was nicely present. And I also took a recommendation from Cook's Illustrated for icing, and added a few Tbsps. of vanilla yogurt to the icing, to make it very creamy and fluffy! This was my first time making or eating King Cake. It did take me over 5 hours. But it was a fun dessert to add to our Fat Tuesday dinner. Our priest found the little baby Jesus, I had tucked into the dough! But he promptly gave it back, once I told him it meant HE had to bring the cake next year! He wants me to make it again next year! Thank you for posting this recipe. To the few detractors who expressed issue about the authenticity of the cake, I have to say, after having spent several hours researching and comparing recipes, yours seemed very authentic for a King's Cake to me! But after reading that this is a custom not only in New Orleans, Spain, France, Mexico, it occurs to me that each region probably has different customary styles of this cake. So while it may or may not be the typical King Cake in Mexico, it certainly seems very much like those served in New Orleans, according to recipes I had read for it! Just a thought... (and why on earth would someone bother posting a negative review of a recipe they didn't even try? Their comments add no value at all.) I think when people read recipe reviews, we're only interested in how something turned out, not someone's opinion of the ingredients.) This cake turned out very nicely. Thanks again!

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imatrad March 05, 2014
La Mexicana's Rosca De Reyes (King Cake)