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I had my eye on this for a long time .. I made it today and it is excellent! I only marinated the chicken for 2 hours but the flavor was wonderful .. I added a bit of extra vinegar, and simmered until the liquid evaporated .. I love the fact that there is no extra fat in this recipe! I didn't know chicken could be so tender without added fat! I made shawarma with these and my husband loved it! thanks a lot Mirjam!

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najwa December 30, 2003

Mirj-I'm truly honored that you named this dish after me, and I'm so glad you did because this tastes incredible! As I explained to you on the phone, I hadn't gotten around to making this because the curry powder available here is very generic and lacks a lot of flavor. A friend of mine made a trip to Milwaukee and I had her bring me back some graham marsala curry powder from a Middle Eastern grocery. Yowza! That stuff made this chicken sing! The curry powder with the other spices created a truly exotic flavor. I marinated in the spices for 18 hours and then used the crockpot method. The chicen was so tender it practically melted! I did go for broke and used some basmati rice to sop up the incredible sauce! I also steamed some eggplant which complimented this nicely! Thank you so much Mirj...not too many people can claim they have a recipe named after them!!!!

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yooper February 04, 2004

A very easy recipe. I used only chicken breast. I just don`t understand the simmer for 2 hour part. I cooked till done about 10 minutes, stirring till done. I added frozen green peas to the chicken to heat at the end. I served with jasmin rice. Has lots of flavor.

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Rita~ January 06, 2004

Very easy to make. Made it on the stove and the chicken was very moist and tender, I suppose from the overnight marinade. At first I thought it smelled too vinigery and it was throwing me off. But I simmered it for almost two hours and it did taste great. Not the kind of Curried chicken I am use to , but for sure a keeper.

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FrenchBunny March 17, 2008

The smell on this is amazing. I put it in my crockpot on low for 6 hours and it was too dry. I'd make it again but do it on the stove.

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ladypit January 27, 2008
Kuure-ed Chicken (A Yooper-Inspired Recipe)