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Simple to make, I made Perfect Basic Brown Rice for the rice. I ususally make stir fry with more oil, this time I used some of the veggie stock to steam them in the wok and then added a little oil when cooking the tofu. I wasn't a huge fan of the hoisin, but the boyfriend loved it. Made for a light late lunch. Thank you very much for posting. Made for ZWT 6.

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Tarteausucre May 22, 2010

DH and I had this stir fry for lunch today. It is very nice! We used ground beef in place of the tofu and I omitted the sugar snap peas because I didnt have any on hand. I also used an orange bell pepper in place of red because that is also what I had on hand. Otherwise, I followed all ingredients and directions as posted. I thought the rice simmering in vegetable broth made for a nice flavored jasmine rice that was perfect in moistness (not too dry). I might try that trick with other dishes in the future. DH and I might like to try beef or chicken broth for our sauce next time, however, because it might make it a little thicker and give it that meatier flavor we carnivores were looking for. Thanks for posting this dish!

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Dr. Jenny July 12, 2008

What a great stirfry & very easy to make. I didn't have any cooked chicken, so stirfried some after marinating with soy sauce, chinese rice wine & cornstarch. This complimented the sauce beautifully. I used minced garlic & sambal oelek instead of chili sauce with garlic & also left out the vegetable broth, as I didn't need any extra sauce. Added celery and zucchini. Thanks Kumquat for sharing this keeper. Made for ZWT4

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Heydarl June 04, 2008

Super! The flavors meld wonderfully, and you can adjust the spiciness to your liking by adding more or less chili sauce. I added slightly less, because I had never cooked with that item before, but could have added what the recipe called for without calling 9-1-1 to put out the fire. :) I used both sliced chicken and salad-size shrimp, added 1c sliced mushrooms, and doubled the amount of bell pepper and still had plenty of sauce to coat. I will definitely be making this again! Thanks for posting. Made for ZWT4.

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AB_Fan June 04, 2008

Fantastic! The blend of the sauce were..what can I say? So oriental, so delicious! Every ingredient for the sauce is vital to make it real good. Without any of it, it would be different. Soy to give it a bit of saltiness, but with the sherry wine evening it out coz of its sweetness and the hoisin for it's slight sweetness, unique taste and at the same time, gives color to the dish, chili sauce with garlic (what's a chinese dish w/o garlic) and a thickener combined with veggie broth to give more flavor to the vegetable dish. I made this for the WT4 Diabetic challenge so had to add more veggies which was cabbages, eggplants and green peas (didn't have sugar snap peas). I'm not much of a veggie eater, but this impressed me! Thank you, Kumquat!

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Pneuma May 27, 2008

Yummy recipe Kumquat; I didn't find Hoisin sauce or arrowroot here so made it without, my sauce was quite thin but was still tasty. I added veggies that I had to hand: peas and leeks took the place of sugar snap peas. Everything came out very well and DH liked it. Please see my rating system, a lovely 4 stars :)Thanks !

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kiwidutch June 30, 2006

Nice stir fry! I chose to make this the night before for lunch the next day. So much better than a frozzen lunch. Quite easy to make.

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BLUE ROSE June 21, 2006

I used the tofu in this recipe and even my DH was okay with it. I did brown it a bit before adding to the veggies. The sauce here is very nice. Thank you for sharing your recipe!!

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Susie D June 21, 2006

Excellent stir-fry! I liked the sauce combination, though I probably used a little more chili sauce than called for since I like it hot, and the sesame oil gives a wonderful note. One tip, tought: I would suggest stir-frying or giving a nice long saute to the tofu first to crisp it up -- it won't add to the fat, just cooking time. Thanks for another stirfry sauce to add to the stable!

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BrotherAdso April 21, 2006

A resounding five stars given all around our table tonight! As luck would have it, the hoisin sauce in my fridge happened to be Lee Kum Kee. The sauce was fabulous. I used sambal oelek instead of the chile sauce, and it made it wonderfully spicy (read HOT). I used very thinly sliced chicken which had been stir-fried with garlic and ginger. I also used broccoli instead of the snap peas. Otherwise I followed the recipe. This will be a new favorite around here.

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PanNan September 15, 2005
Kumquat's Spicy Oriental Stir-Fry