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PERFECT! I made a half recipe as directed with 1% organic milk. While it may not have been as creamy as kulfi made with whole milk...I feel the flavor was spot on. This is one of my favorite things to get at Indian restaurants and I've been looking for an authentic recipe for a long time. In step 15, I spooned the kulfi into 6 muffin tins. Then to serve, I let it sit out awhile and they slipped right out and resembled restaurant kulfi. Thanks for this recipe! Made for the Please Review tag game. *I also want to try these in popsicle molds as I saw it sold that way in an Indian market.

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Engrossed April 26, 2008

Oh yes!!!! This was DIVINE - what an GORGEOUS recipe - I made the full amount for 6 people and it was devoured in what seemed to be seconds! I am going to make this again for us, to have on hand in the freezer - the flavours are SO authentic and it makes the perfect dessert to eat after a rich and spicy curry dinner - SUBLIME! It IS time consuming - my time was cut down as I DO have an ice cream maker which I used - but you MUST follow all the steps in order to achieve silky smooth ice cream. This was the ICE-ing on the cake for my recent Indian Banquet Dinner Party - excuse the pun! Great thanks Aisha - just the ticket! Karen/FT:-)

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French Tart March 11, 2008
Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream With Nuts)