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Having had Kue Lupis before, I know that they are small triangular shaped cakes that are sometimes made with green coloring. However, having never made them before, I had no idea how large or how small I was supposed to make the banana leaves triangular cone as the glutinous rice will expand on boiling, but to what extent? In the end, I decided to assume that the sticky rice doubles in size upon cooking, and turned out I was rather correct. The kue was authentic tasting, albeit a little soft, but that could be due to my long soaking of the rice. I had heard though that you may use a little "air kapur sirih" to achieve a firmer consistency, but as made, drizzled with the palm sugar syrup, they were delicious. I will make them again because not only are they so easy to make, they are a nice change from the usual buttery or fried desserts. However, I will soak the rice for a shorter time. Thank you for posting.

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Ilovemy4kids August 11, 2008
Kue Lupis (Indonesian Sweet Sticky Rice Dumplings)