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This recipe is almost straight out of the Swedish cookbook we refer to as 'the Bible of Swedish cooking'... purchased at the Swedish Inn in Rockford, Illinois, one of the family's hometown favorite eating places. When I married into the family, I knew I'd be inheriting the Swedish family cooking traditions to pass on to the kids... and this is one of my husband's favorite treats. The Lanquist family always called them 'Dirty Snowballs', and loved them whole for supper, sliced and fried in butter for breakfast... always with lingonberries. As a modern twist to this, I use bacon, rather than the salt pork. It gives a different texture to the meat, and is less salty/fatty... still wonderful. Our recipe has a dash of cinnamon/allspice in the meat along with the onion. I also boil in chicken broth rather than water for a little extra flavor. This can then be served as a soup if desired. Enjoy!

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MNMom23 December 22, 2011

We had this in my house growing up all the time. we all love kruppkakors. My grandma would make these flat. and we'd slice them long ways an then fry them with butter. you can also put them in milk. I just made a double batch. if my dad were still around he would have already had five. While they were cooking he'd have his knife and fork in hand at the table and wait for them. They made him very happy. My grandmas receipe was a little different. They smell great right now.

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Swedish Girl July 17, 2010

If you are a Swed and have tried this before...It is wonderful. Brings back many memories of my childhood! It is a bit time consuming but certainly worth it. I made a double batch and froze some. As a child, our family would cut these up into small bit size pieces and cook them up in a frying pan with some cream until it starts to thinken. Add some sugar and sweeten to your desired taste....It is delicious! Skoal !!!

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kookiemonster 45 November 21, 2008
Kroppkakor - Swedish Potato Dumplings