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Wow. These are amazing! They tasted very similar to Krispy Kremes! I added 1/3 cup more sugar to the batter and a teaspoon of vanilla. They turned out fantastic! I think the problem some of the other reviewers had who gave lower reviews was with the oil-- you need to make sure it is the right temperature or else they will cook too quickly making the inside too soft or else if it is not hot enough, they will cook to slow and get really oily and gross. Monitor the temperature and these will turn out fantastic! I will definitely make these again.

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Pink Frosting October 20, 2008

Recipe is poorly written/edited. Flour is divided 3C and 4C. How is glaze warm when it is made in step 1 with cold water and hours before doughnuts are ready for it? Balance of sugar needs to be added with yeast, nutmeg, eggs and first 3C of flour. Full second rise is crucial to lightness of dough, go by size of rise, not time. Re-write step 8 so holes are done first. Oil is too hot for cooking for 2 minutes on each side without burning dough and will vary with stoves. A good reason for doing holes first, to test temperature.

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sr_mills September 24, 2007

Living in a city that doesn't have a Krispy Kreme, I was quite excited when I saw this recipe! Usually, whenever someone goes interstate, we beg them to bring some back, but now I can make them for my friends anytime! I made a few changes to this recipe after my first attempt, and they seemed to work well: I used bread flour instead of plain flour and made sure that I allowed enough time for them to rise, which made them lighter and more "krispy kremier" I also used caramel essence in the glaze instead of vanilla, and milk instead of water, based on a different glaze recipe I saw, since I wasn't a great fan of the first one. I noticed in the recipe that the glaze asks for cold water, but then says to dip the doughnuts in WARM glaze. I found the best thing to do was to heat the milk and caramel essence in a saucepan and whisk in sifted powdered sugar [icing sugar for all the Aussies out there]. Thanks for the recipe, they were very popular at work!

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ellemojo April 29, 2010

yummy,yummy, to my big ole tummy, on on a serious note these were wonderful,me and my 13 year old made these, I would have took a photo,but they didnt last that long.THAT SOULD TELL YOU HOW GOOD THEY WERE. oh i droped some of them rolled up in a ball, they puffed up and i took a turkey baster filled full of jam and i made jelly donuts then i rolled them in powdered sugar,or cinnamon and sugar

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southern chef in louisiana May 06, 2004

These were GREAT doughnuts. I haven't tasted krispy kreme but these doughnuts were crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. I cut the recipe by 4 and this made about 15-20 doughnuts which was more than enough for my neighbours and family! Another note, the dough is VERY sticky even after the addition of the last half of flour, so I added about 2-3 additional tablespoons of flour while kneading it and this formed a nice smooth dough. i don't think it did anything to the texture, they were GREAT. Thankyou so much for this recipe, living on a remote island in the Indian ocean requires you to experiment a bit and these were well worth it!

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josieclaringbull May 18, 2008

These are the best homemade donuts I have ever made!! My hubby and five kids loved them!! I made the glaze with the recipe and also made some w/ chocolate frosting, sprinkles etc.!! I have already had people ask me for the recipe!! My family said they were just like bakery bought donuts!!!

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twinkiegirl November 09, 2010

Absolutely fantastic.....altho when i saw that the dough was very sticky, i was shocked and thought id done sumething wrong, but then after the 1 hour rise, it was not bad at all! thnx! they turned out gr8888!!!

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ayeshasi December 17, 2008

Too Good!! I'm still dreaming about these nummies. Had only made cake donuts before, never yeast. My youngest had commented recently how he'd really like to try one of those "Krispy Kreme" donuts everyone on TV is always talking about (they are no Krispy Kremes here in Alaska). We tried this recipe with wonderful results!! Made the entire batch and then froze half of them in a big ziplock bag. I recommend freezing..they were great thawed by popping them in the microwave to gently warm. We discovered it is best to wait until the donuts are almost cool to dip in the glaze. Otherwise the glaze isn't quite thick enough. Next time we'll try maple favoring etc, just for fun. I found cooking them at 365 for the full 2 minutes a side was fine, but they got a little over brown, so I shortened it up a bit. It isn't the recipe, but how big you cut each donut..mine must have been on the small side. Thank you Lorri, we'll be making these way too often (g)

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Sugargrrl January 30, 2006

I substituted one cup of wheat flour into it. It gave it just a slight edge. perfect.
I also didnt let my milk cool completly. Luke warm. I sprinkled my yeast evenly over my milk and let it sit for 5 minutes before I mixed in with everything else. I also added one 1/4 cup additional of sugar cause I didnt think my dough would be sweet enough. The sugar level needs to be adjusted to ones liking but beware, because adding to much sugar will affect your yeast rising. I let my eggs sit at room temp before I started. A cold egg will affect your temperature of your mixture and will mess up your rise. I used my Kitchenaide mixer. I covered with a damp cheese cloth in a luke warm temperature oven. I turned on to 170 and then turned off for a few minutes. Just needs to feel like 65-70 in there in my opinion...but I would look up just in case. Temperature a HUGE factor as to how your yeast will rise..Once I was on the second rise part, I obviously couldnt cover my cut doughnuts so I placed again in my lukewarm oven and I put a bowl of very hot water on bottom of oven. My doughnuts rose like mad!
When cooking, I brought my oil to a high setting for 15 minutes and then I put on low. (gas burner).
My doughnuts cooked great and only browned. Once lightly brown, I flip and do the same and then, I used evaporated milk for the glaze instead of water. Yum!

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mahoney20022003 March 09, 2013

Mediocre at best but try them out for yourself.

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jery346 February 20, 2010
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts