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Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Phyllo is definitely not easy to work with, but these are worth the trouble! We really enjoyed the flavor, and the recipe is easily halved. I froze a few for later, and I'm so glad! Next time, I probably would make the whole recipe and freeze whatever isn't needed immediately. My phyllo was also not as big as described in the recipe, so I only got 3 strips per 2 sheets. My attempts at the 'triangular' rolling process got better as I progressed. If you are considering making this recipe, just DO IT! Thanks for sharing a great recipe, Mersaydees. Made for ZWT.

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alligirl June 17, 2010

Wow! These were really good! Okay, so I have never used phllo dough in my whole entire life and it was pretty funny watching me try, so needless to say... the triangles were more like piles of...umm... no shape at all (hence no picture being posted) but they tasted amazing! I will keep working on my skills. :) Made for ZWT6

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Sarah in New York June 16, 2010

Meh. These are okay, but they really didn't wow me. I really like allspice, but even after doubling the amount called for, I couldn't really taste it. The dominant flavor really was the tomato paste. They look really good, but I'd change the flavors if I were to make them again. Made for ZWT9

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IngridH August 30, 2013

These were so good!! Phyllo dough is hard to work with, but oh so worth it! DH said it kinda reminded him of sloppy joe filling. I made enough for him to take to work for a few days. Thanks so much- made for ZWT6 as an Xtra Hot Dish.

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kellychris June 13, 2010

We make Spanakopita and Tiropita triangles often, so we loved seeing this recipe for meat filled triangle appetizers. They taste a little like pizza, and a little like meatloaf & next time we may add a little cheddar cheese. We left out the allspice for personal preference and used non-stick cooking spray for ease of application and it's lower in fat/calories. We only made 9 appetizers for the two of us. These are great for party trays because they can be served hot or room temperature. Thanks for posting. :)

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2Bleu October 21, 2008

Fabulously flavoursome: everyone loved these and wanted to know where I'd bought them. I made them in advance for a casual family luncheon, and they were just so easy to put in the oven shortly before I was ready to serve them. Wonderfully clear instructions, always SUCH a bonus! I made a few changes: I added 1/2 cup mushrooms (I figured I could just sneak them in there!), omitted the tomato paste, and used some dried Australian bush tomatoes instead (tomato paste is one of the few ingredients that really disagree with me), added a teaspoon of cumin and used 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup red wine (merlot). Eight people made short work of these - and would obviously have eaten more had they been available! Thanks for sharing such a fabulous recipe, mersaydees. Made for 1-2-3 Hit Wonders.

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bluemoon downunder September 07, 2008