Krabby Patties

Total Time
3 mins
10 mins

It can't be! The coveted Krabby Patty recipe! For authenticity, add a smear of peanut butter and 1/2 cup of love, but I can't guarantee it will taste very good.

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  1. Grill the patties until they are almost cooked through.
  2. Add the cheese on top and cook until melted.
  3. Spread the mustard and ketchup on the buns.
  4. Put a patty on top of each.
  5. Add the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onion.
  6. Top with the top bun and serve.
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What a fun idea! I have always craved Krabby Patties and these are delicious! No red onion for some in my house, but I think it is terribly important! The peanut butter adds a very nice addition as well!

It's delicious, for a twist try adding half a pack of meatloaf seasoning to a pound of ground chuck. Make four 1/4 pound burgers.

Im sorrt but the order is bun, patty, ketchup, mustard, pickle, onions, lettuce,THEN cheese, tomatoes and bun which was given in the episode called pickles.... yes I have seen that darn show TOO many times.... thats what you get for working in a day care that owns the sponge bob dvd LOL!