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By far a great recipe. Don't tell my mother that I'm using this one instead of hers. They are light, and short. They really melt in your mouth. I like them with cloves, which adds some dimension, but it's a pain to remember to tell people to take it out before they eat it, so I wonder if adding a touch of ground clove to the batter would do the trick?

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elizam January 30, 2010

Evelyn, I am sorry I forgot to review these. I made them for Christmas and they were delightful. I loved the fact that they melted in your mouth. I did make them ahead of time and froze them formed on a lined baking tray. Then I put them in plastic bag in the freezer. I baked from frozen, adding maybe 5 minutes cooking time and they were outstanding.

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Sassy Syrah January 22, 2005

Thank you so much for this recipe ! My giagia is sick and had to undergo surgery and she makes them every year and I didn't want them to not be made so I found this recipe and did it today to see if I'd make them for Christmas ... They're amazing ! Just like ones from Greek bakeries. I was looking for other ones online before I found this one, but since none of the bakers were Greek the other recipes weren't at all authentic and were more like Americanized interpretations of the kourambiedes. THESE are the best ! I didn't have brandy on hand and used mastic ouzo from Xios and they still came out really good. Thanks for this recipe <3

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thomaitsa<3 December 22, 2009

Wonderful melt-in-your-mouth crumbly texture! I made 1/2 the recipe. Didn't have brandy or rose water- still a great cookie. We love 'em. My Greek neighbor said next time I should make them bigger and thicker... She also said that while it's good for the dough to rest for that hour, it's not absolutely necessary. Thanks for a delicious recipe!

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J-Lynn October 23, 2008

Wow what a great recipe! I've made them twice so far and no complaints. My mom who has her own recipe (which my family thinks is the best) thought my were better then hers! Thanks! :)

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Lifeizbutadream November 16, 2006

EXCELLENT! These kourambiedes were outstanding! I made just as stated and tasted phenomenal! I used Ouzo (instead of RoseWater)~just prefer it that way. I also got creative and made them in crescent shapes (vs. round). They will compliment my Christmas table! Thanks, Ev!

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iLuv2cook 2 December 10, 2005

Thank you so much for sharing Evelyn. These are one of my very favourite cookies. I have always been a little afraid to try and make them...but even though they were time consuming, these easy to make cookies were certainly worth the time and extra effort. I didn't have any brandy so I substituted golden cream sherry and I drizzeled rose water over the tops of the cookies. They were so delicious I couldn't believe that I had made them...Kudos

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Baby Kato December 15, 2004

I grew up making this recipe with my YaiYai. This recipe is spot on. For those of you that have never made it, it is important to get your mixer going for the full allotted time - don't skimp. Let your butter sit out over night before using. Also, be sure to let the dough stand at least 1 hour. I find I use the full 4 cups of flour to get the proper consistency.<br/><br/>I use a sifter to coat the bottom of the plate and the top of the cookies after they have cooled. That way you won't crush them by rolling them.<br/><br/>Thanks so much for this great recipe!!

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Jamie D. December 18, 2013

First time baking Kourambiedes. Turned out GREAT. Yia yia gave them 10/10!

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bigpetez December 29, 2012

I followed these directions carefully and there is definitely a ratio problem. These cookies were very wet, so I added significantly more flour. When they were finally a good not-too-wet-not-too-dry consistency, I let them sit for an hour in a cold oven (perhaps next time they would benefit from sitting for an hour in a much colder fridge). Their major failing was that they did not hold their shape when baked. Traditionally kourambiedes are supposed to be small crescent shaped or perky oval shaped cookies. Mine spread and flattened and then rose, so didn't maintain their shape or their edges.

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Geca December 23, 2012
Kourambiedes (A Greek Christmas Cookie)