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Easy and superbly flavoursome - which means I'll certainly be making this again. I scaled the recipe back for two and used (skin on) chicken thighs. I still cooked more potatoes than we ate for this meal as I anticipated - correctly - that cooked with so many yummy ingredients that they would be enjoyed over the next few days in other dishes. The only changes I made were to proportionally increase the garlic (as we love garlic) and to use part Vegetable Stock and part white wine instead of water. On the recommendation of other reviewers I turned the potatoes when I turned the chicken so that they were well-flavoured with the amazingly delicious juices. My chicken and potatoes were in the oven for about an hour and 10 minutes. I followed AuntSana's superb idea for reducing the fat: a nifty trick which I'll also be using for other recipes. Thank you, Ravenseyes, for sharing this wonderful recipe!

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bluemoon downunder November 21, 2008

I hesitate to review this recipe because I really took some liberty in altering it. But I just wanted to thank you so much for the inspiration and method of cooking chicken and potatoes in the oven. I made a much smaller version using 4 chicken thighs and 2 potatoes. I made a paste of fresh minced garlic and salt and rubbed it over the thighs. I salt and peppered the cut up potatoes and drizzled and tossed them with olive oil and added them to the baking dish. I squeezed fresh lemon juice over the entire pan, then added chicken broth to the bottom of the pan and baked per recipe. Absolutely awesome! The potatoes are so soft and full of flavor. I have already made this twice in a short amount of time and will make it a regular on our menus. Thank you so much!

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Marie July 22, 2008

What a pleasure to review this delicious recipe. It is so easy and so tasty. I used thighs (skin on). I should have used a larger baking dish, The potatoes were packed in a bit tight so did not get very brown but the were very good anyway. The chicken was moist and loaded with flavor. I thought, when I looked at the recipe, that the bake time was really long but even with using just thighs I baked them for 1 hour 30 minutes. Thanks for this definitely do again recipe We loved it!

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Bergy June 26, 2008

This is a very popular dish right now, Ravenseyes. I halved the recipe, as we are only 3. Very, very tasty. I, like realbirdlady, switched the potatoes around. Not so much because they weren't getting done, but so every potato could be cooked in the sauce. Cooled the cooking sauce quickly in freezer and skimmed the fat, reheated, and drizzled over chicken and potatoes. Yum! Thnx for posting. Made for My-3-Chefs 2008.

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Darkhunter June 17, 2008

absolutely fabulous....... the only thing i changed was a substitute for oregano,, i used dill because i couldnt find oregano in the store. it turned out wonderful... will definitely be making this again... thanks

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troublejul June 10, 2008

I made this with a whole chicken and the whole family really liked it. The chicken was very tender. The potatoes had a nice little crust. I did add some extra greek chicken herbs to give it a bit more of a kick. We loved the lemontaste in the chicken. Thanks for posting. ZWT4

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Maïté G. June 10, 2008

A simple and tasty main dish easily scalable to serve 2-12. While the cooking time is a little long, it allows time to prepare side dishes, or relax. There is also little clean-up required, since everything goes straight into the roasting pan. I did have to invert the potatoes as well as turn the chicken. (The ones on the top cook more slowly than the ones on the bottom, in the liquid.) I had plenty of liquid remaining in the pan, which I used for a rice pilaf.

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realbirdlady June 08, 2008

MADE FOR ZWT4. This is an excellent easy dish of the kind I often improvise. Three stars here do not mean there is anything wrong with the recipe. It is an honest and simple dish and does not pretend to be haute cuisine. I had to halve the recipe because we are only two people (carefully measuring) and did not change anything except to use chicken stock (broth) instead of water, and somewhat less garlic. As the recipe is simple, very high quality chicken should be used for its taste (preferably organically raised chicken) or the result could be quite bland. I would suggest not using water either, but stock or wine. There was too much liquid/sauce in the end, but it was not wasted: I poured off the excess and it will be used in soup. The cooking time (for a single layer of chicken pieces) is too long: after less than an hour @ 350 F/180 C my chicken and potato wedges were browned and done. Any longer, and the chicken would have dried out. We liked the honest simplicity of this Greek recipe!! Thank you!

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Zurie June 07, 2008

Indeed, they're easy to make, just mix everything and put it in the oven. While it bakes for more than an hour, I was able to make other dishes as well. Adding the potatoes with the chicken while roasting made baking a lot easier and gave the dish an appetizing look. Halfway through the baking time, I inverted everything including the potatoes. Results were olivey with a juicy bite and a subtle lemon/oregano taste which reminds me of Chicken with Thyme which is a favorite! Thanks for sharing :) Made for WZT4.

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Pneuma June 07, 2008
Kotopoulo Skorthato (Lemon Garlic Chicken With Potatoes)