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I never knew there was a scientific method in making matzo balls. My husband grew up with soft ones and we are German; therefore, we like them hard. BTW, for an awesome dish......take your leftover hard matzo balls, slice them in half, and flat-side down slice them like you would an onion. Fry (any oil or butter) them with onion until slightly browned......Ummm, delicious! Unfortunately, we never have enough matzo balls left for frying. Try it, you'll like it.

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beegeesmusic_7091221 March 31, 2010

Made the firm matzo ball recipe cause I didn't have baking powder. They came out wonderful. My husband loved them so much I'm making them for the third time today in one week. Going to stuff them with chopped liver and with soup and salad becomes a meal. Thank you, next Passover I'm going to insist on making the matzo ball soup. By the way Ken, I live in Israel where during Passover they take everything that isn't kosher for Passover and put it away. Baking powder is left where you can buy it cause it's kosher for Passover, and our matzo meal does not come with this recipe. Try being a little less haughty, maybe.

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karen.1230 May 04, 2012

Awesome matzo balls, even without the baking powder. I used shmura matzo meal for my husband and he loved them more than the ones I make year round. Thanks to you, I'm switching recipes.

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Chava Cohen April 24, 2011

I have made so many matzo balls in my life it is hilarious. This recipe is my absoluteyl go-to favorite. I have made them soft and firm and I just compromise - 1 tsp baking powder and 2 tsp broth. Btw, my husband's mother might make the single hardest matzo balls in life so I have now been crowned the point person in every holiday to make the soup. Btw, I use this recipe every time. And I am no sloucher, I have cooked in France and here in the US and I am jewish. I give this one a big five stars.

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catzmiao January 08, 2011

With respect Ken, baking powder is kosher for Passover with proper kosher certification, and this recipe never claimed to be kosher for Passover anyway so what is your point? This recipe offers choices for different out-comes in method of preparing matzo balls, something that is not on every box of matzo meal ever sold; why the sour grapes? In reference to a question on use of baking powder for Passover Rabbi Soloveichik said: "They're just minerals. What do we care about minerals?" In case you are wondering I am othodox, observant and a mashgiach (kosher supervisor). Try being nice and maybe a little more cautious to read something before you respond to it and maybe have half a clue what you are talking about next time. Have a nice day.

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petrovern April 29, 2008

My daugter came upon this recipe and made it. This was amazingly good. She boiled the matzoh balls in soup made with consumee (or however it is spelled) powder and a couple of carrots, parsnips and celery. It made a good matzoh ball even better. This is definitely a make again recipe. She also didn't have shmaltz (and is a vegetarian) so she put some oil with a tsp. of consumeee chicken powder into the mix. She also left out a pinch of salt so it would not be so salty from the chicken consummee.

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Funkymunky613 April 01, 2015

I have tried several recipes, and this one by far is the best! It's getting a permanent spot in my recipe book! The ones I've made before were always too tough. These are perfectly fluffy and the perfect size! My family gobbled them up!

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Jennifer E. September 29, 2014

Outstanding. Having not grown up in a Jewish family I didn't have a bubbie to hand down her secrets, but with this recipe I found the fool-proof, perfect directions for matzo balls. I followed them to the letter for the soft version and they came out perfectly light and fluffy. Thanks for this great recipe Yosef.

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maricelarvalencia April 15, 2014

Recipe was great. A dear friend of mine shared an idea for matzo balls the other day. She never lets the mixture sit after it's made, but makes the balls and puts them in the soup/water immediately. The result, without baking powder, produces incredibly light matzo balls.

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Keval September 30, 2013

This sounds interesting... I have heard of matzo balls before but never new how to make them or how you used them.... thank you for giving such a good comprehensive description... and giving good ideal on how to use them.... I will soon try them...

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doubly blessed September 19, 2012
Kosher Perfect Matzo Balls