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Well, being from Jersey, having worked for years in NYC and frequented many of the Jewish delis, I needed my fix, a good Kosher pickle. In Utah, pickles and pizza aren't like in NYC, not in the slightest. So, I tried this recipe and others. I followed this one to a T - Stop the Clock! These are exactly, repeat exactly, what I remembered and craved. Yes, the liquid turned cloudy but the results were spot on. And, no vinegar; he's right, no vinegar! I don't know how the others who turned up their noses at this recipe got their end product, but I'm going all in, 5 Pickles!

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bad53dog August 23, 2012

@BitOBar: your brine turned cloudy because your salt had additives in it. It's not unsafe, just unsightly. You can leave it alone. I use pickling salt, which is absolutely pure sodium chloride with no additives, which prevents the brine from getting cloudy.

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DrGaellon August 04, 2012

Did everything precisely as directed, the jars almost exploded when I opened them with so much pressure build up. Can't believe others have had good luck. The pickles were spoiled and gross. Darn it.

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dthomas2 April 11, 2015

Wonderful recipe! I was so happy to find this, I worked for many years in a Jewish deli and these were always my favorite pickles, reminds me of the ones from Carnagie Deli in NYC too. Question though, after the 5 days, I put them in the fridge, they taste wonderful, but brine is cloudy, should I change the brine now?

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BitOBar July 09, 2012

I grew up in New York City, where I found "Batampe" pickles to be the best, and was able to buy these on the east coast. This recipe worked perfectly, I am thrilled with the pickles which rival my favorite. As a home gardener I am having a bumper crop of pickles this year and and expect to start batch number two and many more. I bought a one gallon jar a Wallmart new with stainless steel top, it can hold about 15 pickles just cut all other ingredients in half, and use of dry dill weed of 1/2 teaspoon works well.

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SENIOR SIMON August 07, 2011

I followed the recipe and it has been a week. Just now tasted them and they taste spoiled. Will not waste my cucumbers on this recipe again.
Sharon from NC

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skarest July 25, 2011

I tried this recipe three different times and followed the directions to the letter.
The pickles are gross and can't be eaten. Any other recipes that work would be greatly appreciates. Thanks!!

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pizzaman777 July 16, 2011

Fabulous pickles and soooo easy to make!

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marilynpdn April 29, 2010

We've tried this recipe only in smaller batches. We altered the ingredient measures to the amount of pickles. Our whole pickles came out great, just a little on the salty side. However we tried some sliced ones and everytime they come out carbonated and they are nearly impossible to eat.... any pointers or tips??

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beatlelander84 January 08, 2010

Almost exactly what I was looking for! They're definitely the traditional Jewish pickles i remember from my childhood at Ronnie's Deli in Orlando (which I've been craving for forever!). The reviews concerning salt confused me - the recipe as I see it posted says 1/4c salt, which is exactly what I used. I actually think they were a tiny bit bland (I like pickles a little salty), so I'll use 1/3c salt next time, and up my dill and pepper/coriander by a little. I also might pack the dill/spices in with the pickles rather than put them on top. I didn't use grape leaves. I see other recipes calling for the addition of day-stale rye bread, and I might try that next. All in all, simple, crunchy, delish, and true to tradition. My family and I are already gobbling them up and reminiscing about the great pickles of days gone by! Thank you so so much for posting! This will be a frequently used recipe in my house for sure!

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AmaJoy March 20, 2009
Kosher Jewish Pickles