Korean Vege Cakes

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Total Time
25 mins
15 mins

These are pancakes my mother used to make. We never really measured out any of the ingredients, but I've tried to include measurements to the best of my ability.

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  1. Peel Potatoes.
  2. Shred the Potatoes, Zucchinni and Carrot (using a cheese grater). Place in bowl.
  3. Slice Scallion into thin ringlets (Green and White Parts), add to bowl.
  4. Add Salt and Pepper to Taste.
  5. Add approximately 2 Tbsp Flour and approximately 1 Tsp Olive Oil to vegetable mixture and Mix well.
  6. (It may take more or less to get desired consistency. You should be able to form balls with the vegetable mixture that will hold together. Batter should not be wet or drippy like actual pancake batter).
  7. Heat remaining oil over Medium High Heat in skillet.
  8. Form Vegetable mixture into small/medium sized balls. Press onto skillet using the back of a spatula.
  9. Cook until both sides are golden brown, turning only once. Drain on paper napkins and serve with favorite dipping sauce.