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Fancy cabbage and peppers could be used in this recipe but rember it came from a korean lady living in korea,She did not have those ingredients. This is the orignial recipe they used to bury in the ground to ferment. Not everyone likes it the way you do howard. To each his own.

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Theresa/ Thunderbird January 24, 2002

As a person who's spent a considerable amount of time experimenting with kim chee, reading it, and eating it, I'm sorry to say that this recipe is grossly deficient in several respects. The most obvious one is that you *must* use Korean red pepper flakes--not the stuff you get anywhere else. IOW, no pizzeria red pepper flakes, or any other kind. Second, the recipe calls for *nappa* cabbage, not "regular" cabbage. In fact, regular cabbage seems to take an extraordinarily long time to ferment--and fermentation is the key to kim chee. I will try to remember to post my own recipe for kim chee, which is not hard, but gives vastly superior results to the results you will get from this recipe.

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Howard1 January 02, 2002

I frequent a Korean restaurant in Syracuse NY. They make their ow Kimchee, very much the way this receipt describes. I asked them once, and they use redily available locally grown produce, including peppers. If nappa isn't available, they use whatever good cabage is. If cooking were such an exact science noone would do it. Just enjoy what you make, with what you can make it with. -Ang :)

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KookieMomster January 28, 2002

Theresa--I love this!! I did not get "korean" red pepper flakes nor did I use nappa cabbage. I used a mixture of Bok Choy (which is what 90% of the kim chee I have eaten seems to be made from) and regular cabbage. I used the red pepper paste and it is just awesome--I just wish I had made more..

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ssinderella January 20, 2004

I'm not a kimchee connoisseur, but I do know good food when I eat it. This recipe fit the bill! During the second round of fermentation (step 7), I had to add about 4 cups of water (rather than one) to cover the cabbage. I also decided to cover the bowl with plastic wrap. I put 1 1/2 T red pepper flakes because we like it spicy, and that's just how it turned out! Thanks for posting this recipe.

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Literary Mom August 13, 2003

Great recipe. Husband grew up on this and found it to be very similar to his mom's. I stuck to the directions except added fish sauce, carrots and green onions. I will definitely make this again except in a much larger quantity. Thank you for the recipe!

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Andrea Tarpley December 27, 2005

I spent 4 years in Korea and absolutely love Kimchi. The true kimchi is fermented in a pot underground. Here in the US, we just don't have the means to do it in the traditional Korean fashion. I disagree with Howard that Korean chili flakes MUST be used. However, traditional kimchi is made with Korean chili paste and red pepper flakes. Also, there are over 400 kinds of kimchi and every Ajumma (married woman) makes it different. The Ajumma who gave this recipe to Theresa's father, probably gave him an easy version since back then Korean spices were probably not available in the US like they are today. There is nothing wrong with this recipe IMHO and no matter where I went in Korea, the kimchi always tasted different. Of course, some places were better than others, but I think that is due to personal taste preference. As a variation to step 7 add some Korean chili paste before you put it in the fridge.

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Cathy17 May 05, 2004

The kim chee came out pretty good. It has the smell and taste of kim chee that I had at Korean restaurants. Basically it is good recipe but I think it was too salty for me and my husband. We're gonna make it again soon and this time we're gonna use less salt.

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Happy_Housewife April 08, 2005

The cabbage in the Kim Chee I had recently (and for the first time) in Hawaii was not crunchy. I enjoyed the taste of this but the next time I make it I will let the cabbage wilt a bit before following the recipe.

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Laura Vault January 28, 2004
Korean Kimchee