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I thought I should add something a little more positive. Kumys (to give it the spelling closest to the Cyrillic) is also a national dish in Kyrgyzstan. There, it is served with sheep's meat (cut into large pieces, bone on) and a clear dill soup with oil. Kumys can be astonishing: it's like hard cider mixed with milk (and maybe a bit of vinegar). Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, may even be named for the churn used to make the drink. I'd also add that kumys isn't hard to get, in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan: if you go there in early summer, by all means look for it. It doesn't take machismo to drink it! -- just curiosity.

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James Elkins June 20, 2007
Koomis, Fermented Horse Milk from Kazakhstan