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I bought supplies for an entire Cross Country team of girls, followed all dirctions exactly, the tshirts turned out beautiful; but when we washed them (after ironing to set the color) the color all washed out. What a disappointment.

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donkey sue August 20, 2011

I did this project with my granddaughters and they turned out beautiful. I followed all the steps exactly. When I washed them all the color washed out. What a great disappointment.

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Marla S. July 10, 2014

Since one reviewer said the color wasn't vibrant enough, I think I will use two packets to get a more vibrant color.

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teachone03_2111407 June 22, 2014

I did this with my 5 year old, she had fun with it...I mixed about a cup water with each kool-aid and vinegar but the colour wasn't really as vibrant as I would have liked but if you don't add water then there's not enough dye to cover the garment...a fun holiday activity but just wish the colours were brighter. Thanks for posting!

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**Mandy** April 25, 2011

We did this recipe for my 6 yr old daughter's sleepover and girls loved them. We had 7 different flavors for varied colors. I ran out of regular vinegar so I had to use apple cider vinegar which worked fine. It worked out great to grab a handful of material and put in 3 or 4 rubber bands at different spots then dip each section into a new color. It worked fine too when we bunched it all up when the bands were still on and this created little colored spots all over. I cut off the bands and set with an iron. They sure smelled great!

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karen in tbay September 24, 2007

Loved it ! I had an old, massively stretched white T-shirt that is only for "around home" and was looking boring so my 5 year old daughter and I had a lot of fun with this... she got to pick the parts of the T-shirt that we would tie up and I helped tie up the bunches. I had lime, strawberry and grape Kool Aid and to my surprise the grape didn't come out purple colour at all, rather a red colour. The instructions on the packets say to mix with sugar so in step 2 I was unsure how to mix it up but decided against adding the sugar since we weren't drinking it and when I saw the colours in the bowls I also decided to add less water than the package suggested to keep the colours a little more intense. DD's little hands in huge outsized adult rubber gloves did the dipping and Mama controlled the rest. DD has very happy that when we carefully unwrapped it there appeared to be a little pink heat in the center of the lower front part, so total success in her eyes. Sadly I have found that Kool-Aid doesn't suit my tastes as a drink at all but as a dye.. it's great ! Please see my rating system: 4 stars for helping me recycle my unloved Kool-Aid to good purpose and for giving DD and I a fun evening activity together.

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kiwidutch April 17, 2007

Thanks for posting! I will have to try this with my students later in the year!

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Loves2Teach February 04, 2007

Just wanted to comment, that Kool-Aid is a terrific dye, as anyone who has tried to get it out of light colored carpets or upholstry knows! My Mom used to hand spin our home-grown wool, and used Kool Aid to dye it! The Grape flavor made a beautiful robin's egg blue color on the wool.

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Panakanic November 09, 2006
Kool Aid Tie Dyed T-Shirts