Kool-Aid Slushies

Total Time
5 mins
5 mins

It is very good. I got it from a Kool-aid wrapper.

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  • 12 cup Kool-Aid, mix
  • 3 cups ice
  • 1 cup water


  1. Place 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of your favorite Kool-aid mix and 1 cup of ice cubes in blender. Cover and blend on high speed until smooth.
  2. Add additional 2 cups of ice. Cover blend using pulse action until smooth.
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Grandbaby and I will have unnaturally pink tongue, teeth and lips for the next 6 months. If you have kids, you've got to try this. Made for Think Pink.

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This was good! Made for 3 yr old DS and he loved it; kept asking for more 'icee'. Used cherry Kool Aid and added a little more ice (approx. 1/4 cup) so it would be thinner and easier for DS to drink. Made for Fall 2009 PAC.

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This is a big favorite in our house. We sometimes will switch out the Kool-Aid for Country Time Lemonade mix for a yummy lemonade slush!