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This recipe is a Stand Alone Classic as far as my family is concerned! I started using this recipe the day after that show aired, and with perfect results each time! Moving last fall the recipe was lost among the mess. I am SO glad to have it back, over the holidays I tried 7 different "similar" recipes, one bite would shatter our hopes. I must be a stingy cook - as I get 24+ cookies out of the recipe each time. When a recipe is this delicate, I like to make the cookies in "1 bite" amounts, to present at adult gatherings or meetings. The taste is just as great & keeps the hands free for drinks or whatever. It also helps with the diet Guilt Factor! :) I use a variety of fillings - my choices come from all fruit blends w/ no added sugar, so a few rolled thinner & filled with that and my 3 diabetics can have a few without a drastic reaction. **** New Recipe Use **** I created a new Sin of Diets, using this recipe, I will be posting it later today. But to start creating one yourself, roll dough out UNDER 1/4" thick, and line mini muffin pans with it, marking the middle w/ a fork. Bake and fill w/ pudding of choice or ? The results I have had is a beautiful bouqet of flowers delivered the day after serving my new creation!

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GypsyWinds May 12, 2006

Very good cookies, I subbed just a small amount homemade strawberry jam for the filling, which worked well, but some seeped through the dough when baking. I am looking forward to making this recipe with the poppy seed filling next time. The cookies are buttery delicious! thanks Dienia!

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Kittencal@recipezazz April 30, 2006

I just made these from another recipe on the 23rd. they are so good and they just have a unique taste and a pretty look to them. I used rasberry preserves but you can certainly use whatever you want. Also, they are so easy to make, you can have your kids spoon on you jam or even form the dough. If you have not tried these, its a must for the holiday season or any day as well.

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nicollette November 29, 2004
Kolachky Cookies