Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 45 mins

believe it or not, this is the ONLY way how we eat kohlrabi in iraq ! my family really likes this recipe so every year in kohlrabi season i do the recipe at least once.the recipe calls for cubed lamb meat but you can use ground beef meat instead, although i prefer the 1st choice beause it is so much tastier with lamb meat(small cubes not ground), and since there are no fixed measurements in iraqi cooking i will give you approximate measures to this recipe

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  1. heat the oil in medium pot, fry the onion in the hot oil till tender, add meat cubes and cook on high heat until the meat changes its color, add the kohlrabi cubes and cook for additional 5 minutes.
  2. add water to the pot until it is 1/2 inch over the mixture and let it boil till the meat and kohlrabi is tender, add spices and salt and the ground lime to your preference.
  3. let the mixture on heat until all the liquids are almost gone(we need a little moisture to incorporate the mixture with the cooked rice).
  4. remove the pot from fire and add the rice gradually to the meat and kohlrabi mixture and mix them together until they are well incorporated.
  5. serve hot, enjoy.
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This was really good! My husband made a face when we got kohlrabi in our CSA share this week, but he went back for seconds and thirds of this dish. Thank you for sharing Hoda.

jsgenz July 09, 2013

So delicious! I like your recipes masha Allah (praise be to God). This was my first time trying kohlrabi, which we got in our local organic produce basket this week. Just make sure to get all the skin off or you will be left with hard bits. I used organic onion, organic olive oil, larger chunks of lamb with the bone in but I cooked it separately in oil and boiled it for 1 hour and a half before adding the kohlrabi. I also added a whole pierced loomi (dried lime) plus the powdered loomi and homemade baharat spice mix instead of curry powder along with less freshly ground black pepper and grey sea salt, a perfect salt. I washed & soaked my white basmati rice and added it to enough of the liquid from cooking the lamb/onions/kohlrabi along with them and cooked it all together. I would make this again insha Allah!!!

UmmBinat June 29, 2013

Very Delicious!! Thanks

Stacia_ February 16, 2012