Recipe by Fawzia Muzzaffar

Meatballs in curry sauce.Its a spicy and thick saucy dish with delicious meatballs in it. Good for dinner parites. I just love the aroma of this dish. Even my family loves this dish which I make for them.

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  1. Make meatballs out of the mincemeat adding grinded onions, red chilly pdr, salt and garam masala and green chillies,khass-khaas.Meatballs must be round and intact so they do not break. Make gravy by frying sliced onions and then add ginger-garlic paste, red chilly pdr and salt. Dip the koftas or meatballs when the gravy is of thin consistency. Cook till meatballs are done and gravy is thick. Add youghurt 10 minutes before the dish is ready and cook till the oil separates from gravy and the color is nice.

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