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I'm so glad I decided to try this. It's just wonderful! And not so very difficult or inconvenient for someone who has already purchased the spices. I used a hamburger mix, which means ground beef and pork, and I think that that may have been why the cinnamon stood out just slightly more than I would prefer. I think it would have been fine with lamb, and maybe even just beef. Anyway, next time, I will reduce the cinnamon a very little. On the other hand, I was being careful with the cardomom, but may increase that slightly. I shaped the meatballs with wet hands and then rolled them in the flour. The curry paste is delicious, with a citrus tang. I did use the greater amount of fenugreek, and was happy with it. Thank you very much for sharing this lovely recipe with us.

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mianbao February 28, 2012

Dear LF,i printed this recp in 2005,then tried it .it was instant hit with all at home.after a long time it resurfaced and i found you agsin on the net.this is like a Rachel Allen recipie.very accurate in description.i used less cinamon.it is truly a fantastic curry.thanks for sharing.

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leenadavidsen January 04, 2014
Kofta Curry