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I hate to leave a bad review but I simple don't agree with this recipe being great. I'm from ND and lived here all my life. Hubby and I have German ancestry and I myself have German form Russian ancestry, but honestly Kroll's makes the worst Knoepla soup I have ever had. It was a cup or barley warm water with 3 dumplings and 4 potatoes chuncks with a splash of chicken broth and black pepper. Most of the people I know agree Kroll's makes the worst soup. Not only that, the Kroll ladies are from ND and regardless of their own heritage they are protraying GERMAN LADIES ! NOT NORWEGIAN!. Knoephla soup translates to potato dumpling soup ("Kartoffelknodelsuppe" according to my german language cookbook). As for this recipe I don't like it. Too much of a watery/broth soup and not enough creaminess. Personally, I would omit the bay leaves, reduce the water by half and double the amount of cream and half the amount of knoephla dough and just make the dough and using a spoon and table knife scoop up the dough and then with the knife cut off some amounts and drop straight into the soup (helps to thicken it) bring (soup not water) to a boil to cook the dumplings then simmer for 4hrs and serve. As for the garlic...personal call on that but most don't call for it. I was looking for to see how many recipes state to add ham to this soup as I have only seen one recipe with it added and all the rest don't. I will stick to my recipe that is a combo of the german cookbook, my hubby's family recipe and my family recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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JamieTND January 19, 2012

I just spent weeks in North Dakota and this was the best take away. I was out of sour cream so used Kraft Cooking cream cheese, and it was perfect. Also added chicken like Krolls. Thanks for posting.

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Lauren4372 October 24, 2011

Ok if you were not born in north Dakota and do not have the heritage than you shouldn't be telling ppl who are Germans and Russian how to make our traditional soup. Go to wishek and even the small town Lehr you will know our tradition. You do NOT add milk to the broth unless in your own bowl. Some ppl will add a little vinegar to theres. Its came because we were poor and had many mouths to feed. And yes whole bay leaves was used in the original reciepe. My great great great great grandmothers soup did have that in it as well. I have seen ppl try to add cheese and dill. Wow so not right. There are some traditional recipes that shouldn't be touched. But for this reason I WILL NOT disclose the recipe. I will let the ppl who think they know it all be. Also it is not a NORWEGIAN soup. Also go to Germany's small town you will see for yourself what im talkn about.

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Joanne K. July 01, 2015

I agree with Jamie and being completely German Russian and raised on these type on foods Kroll's really should give up on making Knoephla Soup. I think that everyone has there own take on this recipe but my best advise for anyone looking to have good knoephla soup go to a small town in North Dakota and if you going to make it your self, I go with the rule that there should always be more knoephla's then potatoes. The only spices that I use are Dill & Pepper. I wish I had a recipe to add to this comment but I leaned how to make it from the older German lady's in my family and if you've even watched an old German woman cook there's never a recipe it's just a little of this and some of that and magic happens so don't get discouraged if your first batch doesn't turn out perfect. I've told friends how to make it and they can never make it like they had in North Dakota and its not cause they have that bad of cooking skill its just those that grew up with it all there lives make it better lol. :) *side note don't complain about an German/Russian food until you've had it made by a real old time German lady :)

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jesz53 August 28, 2014

Having tried Krolls and having tried Dakota Diner in Dickinson = Krolls should quit making Knoepla soup. First of all as Jaimie pointed out to much water and not enough cream , secondly , dumplings are great as well a seasoning but do it right people. Before you bitch ,, try Dakota Diners Knoepla soup........

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D T. August 12, 2014

I am born and raised North Dakotan and Krolls diner has one of the best Knoephla soups besides my mothers. This one is pretty good, i just go by my own taste buds and add little more chicken boubillion, evaporated milk and pepper. Do what your taste buds enjoy, great recipe!

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Canda I. January 05, 2014

I sautéed diced chicken breast in butter, with the celery and onions, before adding the water and potatoes and spices. Because I used my natural chicken broth, I did not use much chicken bouillon. However, then I needed to add more salt. I used only 2 cups of water with the potatoes, chicken, celery and butter. After the potatoes were cooked, I added 2 cups of milk, and a package of gnocchi, (you can also use a bag of small frozen dumplings found in some grocery stores to hasten the process). Once everything was cooked through,(but not boiling), I added the cream. I agree that if all the water that this recipe calls for would have been added, this recipe would be much too watery.

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Beth S. December 29, 2013

I agree with a previous poster that this is a good BASE recipe, I added more cream and chicken broth and cook for at least 3 hours so the flour in the Knoephla has time to thicken the soup. I also add but if an Everything Spice ( there are several version I am sure but it basicly a mixture of many spices that I add to just about everything !)

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crys7683 April 24, 2013

VERY GOOD SOUP. I did make a slight change though. I switched the amount of chicken broth and water around so it was 4 cups of chicken broth and 2 cups of water. Also, I didn't get the dumplings right, so next time I am going to use my fluffy dumplings I use in my homemade chicken dumpling soup. But for those minor changes, it is by far the yummiest Knoephla soup I've ever had and I often stopped by Krolls to eat the knoephla. I am not sure about the first reviewer saying it was "watery" - I didn't have that problem. It thickened up very nicely - was thick and creamy goodness!

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talltori November 04, 2012

You won't find many places outside ND that serve knoephla so it might seem that it'd be pretty consistent across restaurants, but in fact the major difference you'll find is the amount of cream that's used...IMO less is a little better (like this recipe) but it's a really tasty soup either way. I'm from Mandan and it's completely untrue that the locals say that Kroll's makes the worst knoephla soup; Kroll's has countless loyal patrons that go there religiously just for the soup. It's been a local favorite for decades and their knoephla is a "must try" if you're traveling through ND.

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EllisB November 01, 2012
Knoephla Soup